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My writing began with a weekly piece for the Irish Farmers Journal in 2004. Over my 4 years there I also reported freelance for The IFJ on various events that took place.

Shortly after finishing with the Journal I started writing for Self Build Ireland Magazine, a quarterly publication. I wrote on more specialist subjects that were anywhere between 1,500 and 4,000 plus words. I worked freelance with the team there for about 2 seasons.

In between and to today I have written freelance for many publications both nationally and abroad.

In 2007 I started writing this weblog. It has been shortlisted for the last 2 years for the IIA Net Visionary awards and also nominated for the Irish Blog Awards.

If you would like to talk to me about writing with you for print, online, freelance or other as always the coffee pot is always on the brew or you can contact me via the following options.

  • by email info[at]doneganlandscaping[dot]com
  • via this website: click the contact page
  • call mobile – o876594688

Below are some articles that are live on the weblog.

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iTunes Garden Advice Podcasts

sodshow, garden podcast

The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

Listen to the Garden Podcast in MP3 – or – You can rss the garden podcasts were you can listen to them on your iphone/ ipod/ phone or laptop or if you subscribe to the blog the intention is they’ll be done every Thursday/ Friday ready for the weekend.

After having a conversation with web supremo, good friend and nice guy Bernie Goldbach…. the latest addition to the weblog is the iTunes available for download podcast.

In this I’m gonna try and give my 2 cents worth of advice on what, who and how in the garden. And sure if they won’t give me my own radio show….. 😆

Let me know what you think… I just started rambling. This was the one for the May In The Garden post. 😀


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Irish Blog Award 2010


The 2nd round results for the Irish Blog Awards 2010 were announced today.

This year I wasn’t as fortunate. That’s allowed. Those remaining in the race really are an amazing list of  weblogs. My congratulations sincerely to each and every one of them and sincerley also to the sponsors. Big bulaidh bós mór there.

Of course I’d like to win every category, but I don’t particularly undertsand techie stuff. I just know how to use it. On the other hand give me a tree and ask me it’s sisters name and I will make it talk to you. 😉

As I said in 2009 and in 2010

That said – awards or not, it is because of *you* that I write and to be simply nominated is reason enough for me to smile

Best of wishes to each and everyone of you once again. Still…. was nice to see my name and a flower in there somewhere 🙂


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Nominated For The Irish Blog Awards 2010

Last year this weblog was nominated for the irish blog awards 2009. And this year somebody nominated this green blog again 😉

As you are most likely well aware there is a long way to go and so I shall [appropriately] quote myself from last year once again…

That said – awards or not, it is because of *you* that I write and to be simply nominated is reason enough for me to smile

To quote The Awards Blog

please thank the sponsors for once again investing in the Blog Awards and making it happen. Why not link to them and thank? Please congratulate your felllow nominees and read some of the many new blogs that have come along this year and tell others of them.

And so I say, thank you to the IBA10 team of organisers judges and behind the scenes, all of the sponsors and in this case iQ Content. Also as Damien says and rightly so, to the so many amazing blogs in this list a virtual ‘pat on the back‘.

Take a leaf through…. there’s certainly a lot of amazing blogs and people in there. 🙂

Best Specialist Blog

– Sponsored by iQ Content


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Irish Blog Awards 2010

voting lines now open

voting lines now open

Last year this weblog was nominated for the annual Irish awards.

This year… I think I’d be quite happy just to be mentioned again with the best in the country.

If you do nominate this blog…. all I can say is thanks so very much. I hope you you had as much fun reading as I did writing it. 😉

On a slight side note – last year I was nominated for 2 categories and I didn’t pick which one I thought best for the shortlists…. this year I reckon the best specialist category is probably a more apt description…. ?

Anyhow here’s how you vote…

  • hit the Irish Blog Awards 2010 website
  • scroll down to Best Specialist Blog
  • Put in The relevant details and don’t forget your own [read the rules at the top of the page] and then
  • hit the submit nominations button

*disclaimer: the above is not the ‘official’ irish blog awards 2010 logo

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