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Since May 2007 and 1,000 blog posts later. Thank you for reading. Knowing you do makes me smile.

For all the help, too many to thank. You know who you are. Love yiz all 😉


Donegan Landscaping 2010 Online Statistics

Stats of note for 2010

  • 2,893 the amount of article reads for the busiest week on the blog wk 28/2nd wk July
  • The busiest day still, on the weblog for reads of one article is still in 2009 and was Tuesday September 9th 2009 with 1,412 reads of one article.
  • The busiest month of 2010 was July 2010 with near 15,000 reads of articles.
  • At the time of writing this post, this year I have done 44 [81 – 37]  horticultural related reviews on loudervoice
  • You viewed over 279,027 [299,027 -20,000] of my photographs over on in 2009. This picture was my best photograph with 426 views
  • Read the stats for 2009 reviewed

Statistics for the website –

Not really of interest to me… this may be of interest to some.

Statistics for the

The statistics below do not refer to my website. They only refer to the weblog. They are two seperate addresses. The weblog uses wordpress stats.

*image above recorded 12th January 2011

Top 10 referrers to the blog:

  3. stumbleupon
  6. google
  8. WordPress Dashboard

The Top 10 Links clicked for 2010:


Facebook for 2010 –

has only been set up for Donegan landscaping in 2011.

Youtube for

  • Total Views of all videos: 34,401
  • 99 videos in total

Audio & iTunesThe Garden Sodcast

Irelands first and only gardening podcast – The garden sodcast podcast only hit iTunes in August 2010. iTunes don’t do stats. I am currently working on collating these. This image was taken last week from the iTunes whats hot [outdoor] section.


I am personally unsure of how much or what you may wish to read that may be of interest. I am also to an extent unsure of what a lot of this means, or I simply don’t pay much attention it. It doesn’t really make a difference to me either or to be very honest except for I get a rough idea of what gardening blog posts people are interested in and therefore what, especially new or different works.

Still a gardener 😉

Any other info you may wish to see here for whatever reason or you just wish to pass on your thoughts or comments, you can comment below or contact me in the following ways.

The [Un]usual Planter

Here, you have that. You might be able to do something with it….


That’s quite a regular statement I hear actually. Surprised ? I wasn’t. It’s not the most unusual object I’ve ever been handed. I like the odd challenge and this one was a doddle.

Yesterday I filled the container with some pebble. More to weight it down. It also looks really good. I also had a few hand fulls of pebble in my workshop, so it suited. It also saves on compost and in this case I didn’t have enough 😉

Helen had given me some spider plant babies a while ago that had come on really well…. and I had a spot inside where I felt it would look really good.

Total cost. €0.00

Personally, I’d be over the moon if someone gave me that as a gift.

The Weekend Garden Outdoors Podcast

sodshow, garden podcast

The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

Listen in MP3 format – or – As always you can rss the podcasts via iTunes or you can subscribe to the blog and listen to them right here. Missed last weeks garden podcast ?

On The Blog This Week:

Interesting snippets:


And finally:

Straight from the European Union and more organic information:
DG ENV informed the Group about the EU Ecolabel scheme, which has been in place since 1992. The scheme has to be reviewed and the Commission has proposed appropriate amendments to the Regulation – and the Ecolabel scheme would now cover food and drink products as well. This will not be implemented now, but only after a study has been made by the end of 2011. The study will involve consumers and assess whether the Ecolabel will be compatible with the EU organic logo.
CIAA, IFOAM and COPA-COGECA expressed their concerns – including the major risk that consumers would be confused and misled and they called for some kind of communication strategy.
ECVC pointed out that the Ecolabel scheme has been used more traditionally and this calls for cautiousness and that the creation of a new scheme would not benefit anyone. In FairTrade’s view it would be essential not to devaluate the organic EU-logo. CIAA suggested that not only consumers become involved in the study but that the Commission
used other alternatives such as round table meetings. They also presented the argument that the study should not be rushed through with the sole purpose of carrying out new initiatives. EOCC addressed the certified system; separated or single out for the revised scheme.
DG ENV stated that the criteria will be improved and strengthened every 3-5 years and that the Commission was aware of the dilemma between fair trade end eco. The Chair concluded that the Group needs to be informed, so that the concerns can be addressed.


Answers on a postcard and  have a great bank holiday weekend 😀

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