Video Interview: Irish Garden Designer Peter Donegan, The Lock In Podcast

I had the honour to chat with good friend Conn Ó Muíneacháin of the Blacknight Podcast recently, in this case recorded in video for their new podcast, The Lock In. You can press play above.

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blacknight …technology for a gardener #1

blacknight solutions

blacknight solutions

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

This is piece #1. First up is Blacknight Solutions.

I use Blacknight for my web hosting. I am very recently a new customer. I suppose being a ‘non techie’ this was something I didn’t know anything about until very recently. In short, as long as I can see my website – I didn’t need to worry? That was until last June after Bloom when my website appeared with the message ‘SUSPENDESD’ when one tried to see my site – for 6 weeks!

It is only when things go wrong that one really realises how valuable customer response and service is. These guys are genius in that department.

When you wish to register a domain… or check if the name of a website is available and possibly purchase it. These are also the guys. And nice guys. Good at what they do. I like them. Very much.

Outside of that they are 100% Irish owned and are based in Carlow.

This is a real case of you can’t get better than, it is guaranteed Irish and a company very successful at what they do.

I may have missed out on some other products and services they provide, but this is what I use them for.

without blacknight you wouldn't see this!

without blacknight you wouldn't see this!

technology for a gardener…

...are we?

...are we?

I’ve been brewing on this one for a while. I know a lot of ‘techies’. But, like me, when talking in latin ie. plant language [my equivalent] – sometimes one can get lost in the midst of conversations and to the point of no return.

My task is to take ten technology related companies and with the help of the brains behind the operation

  • explain how your product/ service works technically
  • explain how it would benefit a non techie/ greenfingers

Where I can I will suggest

  • products/ services I use or haved used
  • in my everyday life where possible
  • Irish companies unless there is no equivalent

My reasons for this… I guess I had some bad luck in techie terms. At one point last year my website even died for 6 weeks and came up with the message ‘website suspended’ 🙄 the weekend bloom opened. Since then I have learned so much, I have met so many amazing people and I have come a long way in terms of what I might consider my now, second hobby.

No matter which way I look at it technology like nature should be embraced. It is a part of modern life and is often necessary to get those creative juices flowing.

I’ll publish one per week every thursday Monday. I’ll also put the directory of articles/ companies on this page. In the meantime enjoy the video… see if you can spot a techie you know 😆

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