Karcher Ireland. Power Washer Hose Replacement

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Before reading this, please note:

I do not sell Karcher products or repair them. In short, I make gardens.  Karcher did not give me kit to try out for them. I simply had one of them days, plural, where it would have been easier to deliver a baby rhino instead of trying to figure out how to get my power washer back to work.

I also thought that this might just help some other brother [or sister] out.

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x Peter

What happened ?

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Trying To Buy Irish

On Sunday just past, I went to Airside Retail Park to buy some interior fixings for my house. It being Sunday the independent hardware stores were closed and my brain being that of a gardener, I ended up popping into the garden centre sections, as I do of any store I visit. I was also on my usual quest to support Irish products

Here’s how my journey went, in audio. It may sound a bit non-gardening…. but it all [hopefully] will make sense by the time you get to end. It’s starts in the car park of Airside Retail Park

I then moved onto B and Q and then Woodies DIY store…


Here’s my thoughts on closing….

The reason for the Malones cleaning products image is that I got a package in recently from Malones with some lovely samples of their products as you can see. Their labels at the bottom say that they are the greener cleaner and just underneath their Malones logo it says est Ireland 1902. Green, Irish, chemical free… it’s ticking all the boxes.

The letter that came attached tells me Malones is a brand protecting Irish jobs, homes and family members including pets! As a by the way they are also chemical free and safe to use around Liz’s children. That would be Liz Waters the MD of Malones.

grow your own, cheaper than B & Q

I was on the phone to my good pal Thomas yesterday. Tom was doing some garden chores and wanted advice… he was in B & Q. The conversation turned to the grown your own kits that were on sale being sold there…

They’re how much Tommy?!!

That’s flamin’ mental….

So I’ve taken one example I have done myself. [The last 3 photographs are not from the B& Q kit by the way…. 🙂 ]I called it how to grow [your own] seeds [click here]. It cost me 10 cents…

But let me do a quick break down analysis [versus] what you get for €6.99.


  • i’ll assume a jam jar is the same size as a can of coke. 330 ml. Lets call it 500ml [mililitres].
  • In a bag of multi-purpose compost there is generally 75 litres [75 l].
  • 1,000 ml = 1 litre therefore 75 l = 75,000 ml.
  • Divide 75,000 by 500 and that’s 150 jam jars. [you still there…. ]
  • At no more than €7.50 a bag of compost [€7.50 divided by 150 jars] thats’s 5 cents for your compost.

Jam Jar or pot

  • one jam jar = free


  • i’ll use lettuce for this example. B & Q’s lettuce seeds.
  • [I went here entered lettuce in the search bar and got this by the way]
  • They say there’s 1,000 seeds in a packet and they cost in sterling €2.10. I’ll call it €10.00 just for the sake of easy maths.
  • So 5 seeds should cost…. 5 cents.

This means a homemade ‘grow your own’ kit should cost you 10 cents. [takes a quick look at the photographs price tags again….

That’s serious spondula’s…. my question now is what’s the difference between the two ? gardening as I knew it when I was 5 years old was compost-less. It was a handful of muck, sieved and at the back of it all just good craic…. However you grow your bits and bobs – enjoy 🙂