2010 IIA Best Business Blogger Shortlists


I was shortlisted for the 2009 IIA Net Visionary awards. And it appears I have been shortlisted for the 2010 IIA Net Visionary Awards.

The awards are however vote based. And so I will need yours. As I said last year, I don’t expect to win but…. awards are always nice 😉

If you wish to…. You can go to the Net Visionary Awards Voting Page click on my name and then click the vote button. It would be really appreciated.

Here’s what the IIA said

Congratulations! Net Visionary Shortlist 2010 Announced
Dear Peter,

Congratulations! You have been shortlisted in the IIA Net Visionary Awards 2010.  View the full shortlist – you may have been shortlisted in more than one category, so do check them all.

We received a huge number of nominations this year, so well done indeed on being shortlisted by the judges. Grab your shortlist badge here to let your customers and clients know of your success so far.

The winners in each category will be the person receiving the most votes from the public and voting will remain open from today to 30th April.

There are some other great business bloggers in there too…. go take a peak….

So I won’t be upset if you don’t vote for me…. 😉


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Landscaping Costs How much?

In conversation with some members of the ALCI, I decided to do a brief survey on landscaping costs, generally speaking.

All my staff are qualified in horticulture. We are members of the ALCI. I am a member of The Institute of Horticulture. Full Insurances. Quality Approved System and enough design and landscaping awards et cetera.

I think I was just having an ‘alright’ day here rather than my usual [i think I needed coffee…!] but, I must reiterate the point being made here is transparancy to the point where choice can be made and we know the cost based on the service we will get. After that, when you get that service, its just a matter of getting paid… the reason possibly for my [allowed] bad day.

UPDATE: I have decided that the entire bill of the contract mentioned that was ‘not paid – in full’ should go to Niall Mellon Township/ Garden of Hope Charity.  A trip I will make to South Africa this November. The amount is €2,750. Like a pink boat with a nice ending – that has cheered me up!

the media frenzy…

peter donegan television


After receiving our second & third awards both as designer and contractor this year, RTE’s Capital d did a show including the much celebrated and historical Brackenstown House Gardens. It’s our second time on the show this year and I know I was asked to put this up some time ago. You can watch it here and I’m really sorry for the delay.

Brackenstown House also featured in Thursdays Irish Times last week but as usual it was sold out. If anyone has a copy that would be great. It always nice to know what was said.

Whilst the media does play a great role in my work, when I have appeared it’s been for my designs or my writing for publications, only. I think I’d prefer if media frenzies were kept relation to my ability to design gardens for the moment anyway. I don’t think I or the world is ready for my personal life on tv [or my sense of humour] just yet! The last capital d show apparently allows some insight into my mind, I’m told & disagree… but good luck getting lost in there! enjoy.

galway & landscaping.. not in my home[r]

I’ve just returned from Galway where the week truly could’ve only got better. When I visited in August what I found was nothing short of criminal.

The ‘contractor’ had removed the foundations of the retaining wall leaving it falling away into the garden with the driveway. He also took up the trees & drainage pipes but left all the rubb[ish]le, county council road cones & his tools in the middle of the garden. He also took €2500 euro from a mature lady and never returned.

As a favour to the bullying persuasive Fernandes sisters [humour?!!], I went with three of Donegan Landscapings finest to undo some of the disgraceful disaster inflicted upon their Mother.

What I don’t understand is how Ireland can support the rogues of this Country in the belief that they are saving a few quid [sorry Mam] or that there is a better deal out there? To be honest it’s an ethos I don’t subscribe to, never have and so I can’t explain why it continues to happen. To put it in context, the original €2500 plus a new wall, the rubbish removal, the new soil, the drainage… has left a rotten after-taste costing at present over €15,000 to rectify. I’d personally like this guy to be imprisoned, but it would cost the state too much money – which indirectly I’d have to pay anyway.

A landscape programme has yet to be implemented but for now, the retaining walls are brand new [thanks adrian], the soil like gold dust [thanks peter eile], the weather gave a mild sun tan and the lads, well they done as they always do, perfection. Thank you all sincerely.

For those of you with horror stories speak loud and prevent more of it. For those of you about to embark on a landscape project chose carefully, know what you want, pay for it to be done once and enjoy. If you want a good laugh watch The Simpsons on screen, not in your garden.

Judges Comments On The Garden Maintenance Award

herbaceous borders

I received the Judges comments on the recent award winning garden today.

They said for exemplary standard of landscaping the judges’ commented on the Private Garden Landscaping [award of merit] & the Private Garden Maintenance [overall winning garden]

the work illustrates a consisted commitment to horticultural excellence in a restoration project that requires a keen understanding of the client’s requirements. The herbaceous beds in particular deserve special acclamation for their restrained but inventive interplay between colour and foliage texture.

Commenting further on Brackenstown House Estate the judges’ noted the award goes to this project because the judges…

…believe it demonstrates a discernible excellence in maintenance.

donegan gardens