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On sale in amsterdam Airport…. and courtesy of Cork man John Peavoy

Courtesy Piaras Kelly:

To celebrate Science Week 2010, Discover Science and Engineering and the Tyndall National Institute, Cork are running a national photographic competition entitled ‘Science Snaps’. The theme for this year’s competition is “The Wonder of Small Science”, which is inspired by the revolutionary science of nanotechnology. The theme should be widely interpreted, inviting submissions that illustrate how small science can have a huge influence on our world, from scientific breakthroughs, action pictures to everyday events, as long as it triggers the imagination and answers the theme of this year’s competition.

Entries can be submitted online at  The closing date for entries is Friday, October 15th 2010.

And Finally:

I was teaching 5 month old Ella about the trees in our garden this week…. but of course I hear you say. But Dad has many talents…. 😉

Autumn Colour…

Can you imagine if every house in Ireland planted just one tree, how beautiful would this country look….


I really do love this time of year.

Last week I was walking down Griffith Avenue and being honest it almost brought me back to my childhood days of not that long ago…
I used to love the leaves on the ground and absolutely hated it when people swept them all up and made the place look tidy. When I saw the piles I was one of those ‘little terrors’ who kicked them all over the place and most likely got an ear clipping for it 😆
Sidetracking slightly, Jane Powers who does the Irish Times garden column, this weekend wrote about the beauty of autumn colour. A great read. Bulaidh bós Jane.
You see, landscaping, well more the trends [?] took a turn for the worst in my opinion over the last few years. Trees, if not all then most definitely the larger members of the family were not allowed. They became surplus to requirement. Some, quarantined them in the high maintenance category. So much so that I find it hard to find [for example] a ‘conker tree’ in North County Dublin…. which is why I went to Griffith Avenue 😉 [I also visited my older brother who lives just off and had some home made chocalate pie and real coffee….]
But its not until, maybe, one sees a tree in its finest splendour through a season that one thinks…. well maybe I would like one of those. And with that in mind tree planting season is almost upon us…. Now is the time to decide that you would like.
Can you imagine if every house in Ireland planted just one tree how beautiful this country would look. If you don’t plant one…buy one for somebody you like to brighten their day up… then go and admire their one… or rake some leaves up and allow the kids to kick them all over the place…. 😆
As a by the way…. autumn colour is brought about by a build up in sugars from warm temperatures during the day and then a cold night where the sugars are held in the leaf.
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