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From the article I was intending to publish, these stats are quite interesting,

New Media Update Podcasting News – wrote an article called Podcast Fans Are The Ultimate Audience For Advertisers – I took the main bullet points out of it just to give you an idea of the reach[?] that podcasting actually has.

  • Podcast fans are significantly more affluent than general population.
  • Podcast fans are rapidly turning away from traditional media and “interruption” advertising models.
  • 37% of video podcast users and 31% of audio podcast users say they *enjoy* advertising in podcasts. By comparison, only 6% say same of TV and radio.
  • Podcasts confer on their advertisers and sponsors a “halo effect; podcast fans give props to the advertiser for sponsoring a show they like.
  • Over 70% of active podcast listeners are receptive to sponsorship messages in podcasts.

*Thanks to Roseanne Smith for this link

  • One in five active podcast consumers are actively interested in host-read sponsorship messages. Survey respondents believe that podcast hosts/creators are actual users of the goods and services of their sponsors.
  • Nearly 4/5 of the survey interviewees listen to podcasts every week, but are not as reachable by other “regular” mass media.
  • Podcast fans say it is not just important to be able to “time-shift” their podcast and other media consumption; nearly equally important is the ability to get unique shows [not available outside of podcast medium].
  • 90% of those surveyed prefer advertising supported shows vs. ad-free paid subscriptions.
  • 3/4 of the respondents use iTunes to find and subscribe and 66% have been listening/watching podcasts for 2 years or more

And finally here’s Bernie’s scratch and sniff boo 😉

budget car hire….. ?

Toyota Avensis

Full Size 4 Door e.g. Toyota Avensis or similar

Euro €34.00

Price includes all compulsory Insurances, Government Tax, Unlimited Mileage and 24hr Breakdown cover.
Please take a moment to read the Terms & Conditions of rental before making your booking.

cork airport budget car rental areaI arrived at Cork Airport. 4th June. Collected at 9.30am. Returned the car that evening. No damage. Cork Airport to Bantry and return – only. The car wasn’t checked by a member of staff. I just returned the keys I thought maybe €34.

So how much did the car hire cost? on my statement the ‘estimated’ bill is 143.06 euro [pictured below].

I rang Aoife in Customer Services [very polite]. She explained I was quoted €30 [!], theres a sur-charge of €25 because they have to park the cars in the airport; €10 for fuel [no problemo] and some insurances and tax. etc… She explained they have to give a breakdown on your bill. But that doesn’t add up or does it? anyhow.

budget rental car hire bill


How much can I hire a €30 car for answer [without driving it]. It seems €78.06.

My issue isn’t the money amount [you understand me €34 wont break me financially etc]. But lets put three zeros after this. Get your garden done for €34,000 euro no maybe €143,060; no its actually €78,060. And if I put that on my website…. would there be a ‘hoo-ha’? I thought some airline was ‘done’ for that recently…. maybe.

I have emailed this to budget car hire .

I have emailed this to Fáilte Ireland – the irish tourism board



UPDATE: 23rd June 2008

today I rang the National Consumer Agency. I spoke to Mark [a really nice guy actually] and told him of my situation. He told me to title my email to the NCA as ‘Misleading Pricing Advertising’ here’s what I wrote:

Dear Sirs
further to my conversation with Mark from the National Consumer Agency please find attached link to my weblog which details my experience.
Many thanks in advance
peter donegan
In the meantime I got a reply from Fáilte Ireland, today. Here is their [and my] email. This came with a personal phonecall from [a very lovely lady] Mary Fletcher. Who has asked me to send a copy of my rental agreement to SIMI head man Paul Redmond [email added below]
Dear Mr Donegan
Thank you for your recent e-mail to Fáilte Ireland that was
awaiting my attention on my return to the office last week.
I am sorry to learn of your experiences with Budget Rent-a-Car.
I am today forwarding your communication to the Car Rental Council of Ireland, 5 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2 Tel: (01) 6761690 who will deal with the complaint on your behalf. The Car Rental Council of Ireland has sole responsibility for car rental companies in Ireland.
Yours sincerely
Mary Fletcher
Senior Customer Relations Assistant

From: info[at]
Sent: 18 June 2008 13:21
To: Info Fáilte Ireland
Subject: budget car hire

Dear Sirs
please can you view this post [now at this address].
Many thanks.
peter donegan
Email to Paul Redmond of SIMI
A Chara Paul,
Thank you for taking the time to look at this matter [ ] [ now at this address] .
I have your postal address further to a phonecall from Mary Fletcher of Fáilte Ireland – a lovely lady I must say.
I am posting on the original rental agreement. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
many thanks
peter donegan
UPDATE: JUNE 24th 2008
Paul Redmond emailed me asking if I could forward details of my complaint in a non weblog format.
I wrote this in reply
Dear Mr Redmond,
I am 32 years old. I manage a company that I started eight years ago with nothing when nobody would believe in me. I still work as hard today. This is not me complaining because I think vegetables are too expensive or because I can get that car cheaper elsewhere. The only reason for the weblog is that nobody would do anything. [Its taken until yesterday to get ‘a’ response].
I understand you have a job to do and I thank you for taking this seriously. I feel that re-writing what I have written would be a pointless exercise because the information contained would not evolve or change in any way. For this reason I have copied the article into email format without pictures.
If you require any further information or siply would like to talk to me please contact my office on 01 8078712. The rental agreement is in the post this morning as requested.
many thanks in advance for your time
peter donegan [………………. the weblog without pictures was attached [ ] [now at this address ]

I have been in contact with Budget concerning your recent complaint and include their response below.


Paul Redmond
Car Rental Council of Ireland


Good afternoon Paul,

I have the reviewed the Mr. Peter Donegan case. His charge for the car was €78.06 and not €143.06 as he states.

He was quoted €30.00 plus the airport surcharge of €25.00. He selected the excess waiver insurance at €13.05 for the day which he accepted and signed for.

He was charged €10.00 for the fuel he used

Rental €30.00

Airport Tax €25.00

Excess Waiver €13.06

Fuel €10.00

Total €78.06

If he opted not to take the excess waiver and returned the car full he would have been charged €55.00.

This would have been the charge as per the quote- the airport surcharge is detailed on the quote page, in the terms and conditions and it is detailed on the email confirmation. Please note that reservations can be cancelled at no extra charge up to 48 hours before pickup of the car.

David O’Malley
Budget Car Rental Ireland

Tel: +353 90 6627711
Address: Athlone Road, Roscommon, Ireland …celebrating 50 years of low cost car rental

cc: Car Rental Council of Ireland



I have replied with this email to Paul Redmond

Dear Paul,
is the point not ‘misleading pricing advertising’ ?
– for me it was never the money amount or figuring that out from my receipt
slán go foill
I received this email from John Mernock of National Consumer Agency Thursday 17th July

Dear Mr. Donegan,

I have received your complaint regarding Budget Car Rental and I thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

There are a number of issues that have been raised by various consumers in recent weeks and months, concerning the car rental sector and the possible illegal practices being exercised by a number of companies. Such alleged breaches of consumer legislation relate to unfair commercial practices, unfair terms and misleading price indications.

I can assure you that the National Consumer Agency intends to carry out an extensive investigation in to this sector in the coming months, in order to try and address the issues that are being raised by consumers, such as yours.

We note all the varying complaints that come in to us regarding car rental, which will assist us once we commence our review of the sector.

I hope this response is to your satisfaction and thank you again for bringing the matter to our attention.

Yours Sincerely,

John Mernock (Worksharer- Wednesday to Friday)
Travel & Package Holidays / Car Rental Unit
Commercial Practices Division
National Consumer Agency
4 Harcourt Road, Dublin 2


12th February 2009

nothing until now….. and then this happened yesterday: