Dublins 98fm Dave – Spanish Garden Tours

Normally when friends and neighbours etc come back from their holidays… guaranteed there’s a few pictures/ holiday snaps of unusual plants or something for me to look at…. In this case I got a video.

I had originally titled this post An Irish Garden in Spain but when I saw Dopey the Dwarf at the end I changed my mind 😉

Yes folks last week good friend and 98fm Morning Crew DJ Dave Moore went to his Folks-in-law in Spain for a little resting and this is what he brought me back. Take a look and see what you think….  thanks Dave 🙂

maxroam …technology for a gardener #2

maxroam is being used

maxroam is being used

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is here.This is piece #2. The second company is Maxroam.

This is a slightly tougher one for me to explain…

Basically you purchase the sim card. The telephone number related to your sim card however is [if you are Dublin, Ireland] is a 00353 and 01 number. When you travel abroad this has two main benefits [to me]:

  • your roaming rates are reduced by between 70-80%.
  • the person calling you is charged for a call to a Dublin landline telephone number saving 25 – 35 cent per minute

There are other benefits, but one that I have heard of, although for no apparent reason – just not for me, [but why not?] is if you don’t have a landline number for your business, it’s the ideal solution.

What do you do next?

  • buy your sim card online
  • have an unlocked phone
  • buy your call credit online
  • no bills – as such

The big thing I like here is – it is simple[ish] once one gets it set up. But if ‘you’ have problems – well, you kind of can’t – just check out the video guides on their website. If that fails, just pick up the phone.

Add to that a Cork based and Corkman owned Irish Company – and you’ll understand why I love and admire Maxroam so much!

And if you don’t believe me… then ask the U.S. Army

Cork meets the U.S. Army

Cork meets the U.S. Army

simple yet beautiful...

simple yet beautiful...