Temple Street, Inis Mor Half Marathon 2014

peter donegan, kevin rowe, inis mor, temple street

Saturday just gone myself and a host of others crossed the half marathon finish line on the wonderful island of Inis Mór all for the good folks of Temple Street Childrens Hospital.

I’ll leave the reasons why Temple Street is so close to my heart to one side for now. I will note however that I could not have chose better company to complete the 13.5 miles with than that of Nick McGivney [pictured below] and Kevin Rowe [above].

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Temple Street Half Marathon 2014

peter donegan, temple street half marathon 2014

We all have our reasons in life for doing things and without getting into my reasons, this year hopefully will be my 4th year to run, sprint, crawl complete the half marathon on Inis Mór for Temple Street Childrens University Hospital.

Chatting this morning, the suggestion was that I could have opted out, that I’m busy with work and that haven’t I done it for the last 3 years. But there’s also the argument for my being lucky [is that even the right word to use ?], that a bit perspective in a world gone mad isn’t such a bad thing and a very strong case for doing something to give a little back.

That in mind, I’m not too sure as yet what I’m going to do to raise the few bob but this possibly isn’t the worst place to start. Read more

Beannachtaí na Nollaig agus na hAthbhliana 2013

christmas, donegan 2013

This Donegan household this evening….

Thank you all so much for everything this year. You’ve been amazing.
Happy Days.

Nollaig Shona
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A Peter Donegan Gardens Limerick, A Day

donegan gardens

For flowers or bushes or trees,
Or anything that attracts bees,
Just ask for young Peter,
He’ll fill up each metre
….And do it on time, and with ease.

For the record. Thanks John. That made me smile 😉

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  • In his own words:
    [quote] John Moynes is a writer and comedian. He has performed on stage in several countries, and has written for television, radio and newspapers. He also regularly gets angry on Newstalk and argues with politicians. If, for some reason, you require a media savvy left winger with a hangover you can get in touch with him at johnmoynes@gmail.com

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The Inis Mór Temple Street Half Marathon 2013

temple street half marathon, peter donegan, anthony mcguinness

Over the weekend just gone, April 19 – 21st 2013, myself and good friend Anthony McGuinness sprinted jogged crawled completed the Aer Arann half marathon 2013 for Temple Street Childrens Hospital on the beautiful island that is Inis Mór. I know, you’re looking at the picture above and thinking how dashing we look and how wonderful we did to come joint seccond that we are not even in chronological order after completing the 13.1 miles round trip.

My wry wit aside and though there is good reason why Temple Street is so close to my heart, to the big picture, funds were raised for Temple Street. From a what did ye win perspective; everyone who crosses the line gets the exact same applause, cheers and colour medal. Sometimes in life, I guess it’s not the winning that counts, but that you did.

The bi-product, if I’m allowed use that word, of doing something like this is also how one completes that journey. And without question the island of Inis Mór and the people who live there are in equal measures really so very beautiful. A note of thanks in that to our Bean an Tí, Geraldine of Ryan Seacrest B & B who gave me extra strength ground caffeine in the mornings; to everyone we met over the weekend; the staff of Aer Arann and of course  the angels that are the staff of Temple Street Childrens Hospital.

inis mor, aer arann

I should also note The Sodshow microphone did come along and as with last year, we will be reporting from there this Friday. On another slight side note, I could not have completed the journey alongside a finer gentleman than Mr McGuinness and your hard earned sheckles, help and words of support. Thank you, all so very, very much.

….now where did I leave that bottle of WD-40 ? 😉

The mahoooosive thank you list:

update 28 April 2013:

whilst there The Sodshow also managed to squeeze this in… if you listen carefully you can hear my bones creeking 😉

temple street half marathon 2013, inis mor