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Official Statement :

Peter Donegan, Donegan Landscaping or and any variations of the name, has made a unanimous decision to dispense with the landline telephone. The jury voting went as follows: All in favour, one. Against, nil.

What’s the big idea :

When I set up Donegan Landscaping in 2001, I had two landlines. One for the facsimile and 1 for the telephone. Times changed as the fax went by the way side and modern technology allowed me to run them both on the one line. I know, it was called a machine. Anyone remember the telex ?

We’re into an era where things have changed to the point that it is nothing new for me to take a booking via facebook or twitter, never mind a text message. It would also seem that Google is maybe the new Golden Pages.

When I look back on it, when I first set up 14 years ago, I had a camera with a reel of film, partly the reason why so many of my early days gardens are not online. Now, I have very lovely clients that I have actually never met; The Sodshow, that airs on Dublin City Fm has listeners who listen live, online, from The United States of America; and this blog post – this was written whilst having a cup of coffee in the middle of my garden, on my mobile phone, whilst throwing a stick for the dog.

I’m very aware that in years past having a landline maybe gave that extra bit of a trusted feel to a company, but the reality is I am usually outside and not sitting at a desk. And the sole reason I was holding onto the landline, was to get the broadband – which I now get via a dongle.

On a slight side note, I think the biggest change with technology in mind, though I still get my news, is that I haven’t bought a newspaper in over 3 years and I don’t own a television set.

With 7 calls to the landline, 6 of them spam calls ~ In twelve months, it seems people prefer to call me directly and it is you as much as it is me who quite simply just aren’t using the landline any more; at least in terms of getting in touch with me. In context, if it were a piece of machinery I would have decomissioned it a long time ago. I guess it’s simply time to do the honourable and most logic thing.

Fancy a chat ?

Contact Peter directly:

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♦ phone: +353(87)6594688

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♦ twitter: @DoneganGardens
♦ facebook: DoneganLandscaping

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Peter Donegan
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Hartnett Log Horse

I don’t own one of these but, this is the the Hartnett/ Hart Tools Log Horse. In short it is a sound investment for anyone who has ever tried to cut rough heavy timber, pardon the pun single handed. The video shows how it works pretty well but, you’ll get a better idea also from the images below.

Hart Tools are as a by the way, the same makers of the 7 tonne log splitter and are based in Cork.

Vital stats:

  • Extremely strong for individual big logs or many small logs being cut together.
  • Comes with a spring and chain tensioning system that holds the log/s in place while cutting.
  • This new spring and chain tensioning system allows the operator to mount 1 big log or 3/4 thinner logs and cut them all in one go without having to reposition them. (see demo video)
  • Can be assembled and dismantled in minutes.
  • An optional extension for very long logs can also be supplied.

Hart Log Horse Hartnett Log Horse

also they note:

  • This can be packaged and delivered by courier anywhere in Ireland.
  • Payment options: Paypal, Post, COD
  • Contact John Hartnett anytime: 087 2538320 / 021 7337081

More details on the Hartnett Tools website

Hart Log Horse

Real [Irish] Flowers For Coffee Shops, Please ?

This is what happened me today…..

Real Flowers for Coffee Shops, Please ? (mp3)

I pondered it over the day and after asking the following on twitter….

real flowers for coffee shops

Which in short is explained in the following text

What is the opposite of plastic flowers on a table in a coffee shop ?

As my brain continued to ramble I wondered, if there were a most beautiful landscaped coffee shop ? Or for those who continually do what some may consider the simplicities, why didn’t they save themselves the money, time, bother, the cost and everything else that goes with it ?

What if you knew someone with that shop, that made that little effort and they might come on the radio show and maybe tell us why ? A good, nice all round not your usual happy news story that just might encourage others to up the ante and make me and others want to revisit your homely shop that little bit more often ?

Negative into a positive and all that jazz.  I’ll do a blog post on you and then invite you on the radio show/ podcast for a chat.

It’s relation to landscaping ? Flowers. Plants. Ireland. Gardens. And making other people happy-er.

These are those flowers on the tables in Killians of the Naul…

Poll: What Type of Christmas Tree Are You ?

Click to vote and let’s see what comes of the results.

I spoke to a lovely garden centre in Cork about this recently. Before it comes to air, just wondering what you thought ?

Thoughts, comments, prices paid or more in the comment box below.


Surface Tension, The Future of Water @ScienceGallery

How good of an exhibition is Surface Tension – The future of Water ?

I went there Friday [28 oct]. I stayed for 2 hours. I returned there the following day with my daughter. I stayed for two hours. In short. I love it. Highly recommended. A must see. Genius.


What’s funny is that I couldn’t help thinking how if a non-techie head was introduced to this exhibition [?] first as versus SCIENCE…. The wonder of the mind might just could only make them consider pressing the square root button on the calculator to figure out why it happens.

To that, what you realise is, it is the people of the Science Gallery combined with such mind-blowing, well thought and planned gigs that make, yet again, this exhibition so amazing.

Hydrogeny. Water exhibition @sciencegallery (mp3)

On a side note the word exhibition bores me and most green lecture sermons can be repetitively boring. They may be factually correct – but – to really make people think and in the aftermath, far more importantly to have an impact, do they ? Usually not because it is usually the expert talking to the experts about a specific field.

This however is the experts guided by more experts telling the public allowing you and I figure out for ourselves why water is so precious. And for this, Science Gallery deserves a standing ovation.

My advice, if you do go there ?

This isn’t a pipe and slippers exhibition. This is funky geekery at its finest. When you walk in the door ask one of the lovely people who work there to talk you through it. They will. That’s what they are there for. This, is particularly important for when you get upstairs.

If you have never been to the Science Gallery before, the coffee shop does really great coffee and the gift shop is the best I know in Ireland. This is not a compliment – this is a fact. You might also be interested to know that the exhibition is free in but you can make a donation if you wish.

To the staff at the Science Gallery who took the time to talk to me, thank you.