Review: Vango Omega 450XL Tent

vango omega 450XL

This, the Vango Omega 450XL is my latest investment.

It’s been a while since I noted much other than garden making here, but this has always been the weblog of Peter Donegan who makes gardens for a loving living.

Plants and gardens slightly aside, I guess I have Dad to thank for my other love of the great outdoors and he would have had us in the cubs and scouts from around the age of 5 or so; a love I guess that has never ever left me.

And though I may have a penchant for the extreme outdoors, when it comes to others in my company, it should never be about endurance testing or wild camping. That said, prepared rightly, there is no better way to see the very beautiful natural landscape of Ireland than sleeping right next to it.

To the Vango….

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Review: Bosch AKE 30 Li, Battery Powered Chainsaw

bosch AKE 30 Li


  • I do not sell or repair this product.
  • I borrowed this from Bosch to road test.
  • Or, to try and break it, so to speak.
  • This is just a review.
  • Peter Donegan very happily makes fine gardens for a living.
  • No better man to put something like this to test.

And so:

  • The following are my thoughts on the Bosch AKE 30Li
  • Full review, video and images below.

What Is It:

A cordless battery-powered chainsaw.

Before I Get Started:

I was testing this in my own back garden; and under normal circumstances I’d have worn all of the proper chainsaw safety gear – which I totally recommend you do. That said it literally arrived by courier, I phoned my mate Phil and we decided to give it good once over there and then. This is not a Bosch video. It is a Peter Donegan video, made on an iphone, in my own back garden.

I Should Also Add:

As previously noted, I had heard about the Bosch AXT 25TC from my mate and neighbour Phil. I met the Bosch team at Bloom where we recorded a yet to air Sodshow interview. I later paid for and purchased the AXT 25TC.

Weeks later I had a sort of “ye know what I’d love to get my hands on…” type chat with Phil. I asked the lads at Bosch could we road test some other stuff, and they obliged. As noted above, I do not sell chainsaws for a living. Peter Donegan and since 2001, Donegan Landscaping is an award-winning landscape design and garden making practice. Back to it….

What Is The Difference Between It and Other Chainsaws:

It does not take a two-stroke/ petrol mix, as conventional chainsaws would nor does it does not require an extension lead as usual electric chainsaws would. It does however need chain oil.

Good Things About It:

I never bothered reading the instructions and pieced this together in around 2/ 3 minutes. It’ll take longer to recharge the 36v battery of which I should note the ‘how much it has already been recharged’ indicator is, watched kettles boiling department in mind, a pretty nifty addition. As is the chain oil level indicator visible on the outer. Further….

In adjusting the chain, you do not need a socket. Very handy for when you’re up a tree. It is around the same size as a small surgeons saw, pretty lightweight and actually quite a smart piece of kit. I like the fact that you just push the button and it starts – which sort of reminds of the first time I saw a BMW started by pushing a button; as versus by key turn. Or in tree cutting terms – no goofing around with a choke start. Kind of, hard to get my head ’round that still.

What Kind Of Euro’s Are We Talking:

Take a deep breath – SSP €599.99 (inc vat) with battery and charger.

How Good Is it:

The video shows what it can do much better but, we really did try to test this to the max and ran it for about an hour thinning out a fairly scraggy boundary hedgerow. In fairness to it, it was well able to take all that we threw at it. Fair to say I was very pleasantly surprised.

Would I Recommend It:

The usual thing that happens in conventional chainsaws is that some forget [?] to put in the 2 stroke mix and just add straight petrol – which irrespective of cost and age will destroy any decent saw/ investment. Add to that the last saw I looked at of around the same size was around the euro 550 price range. In a case where I don’t take down trees every day for a living (I design and build gardens) but owning a chainsaw is still an essential, then I guess yes is the answer, professional landscaping and my own garden in mind. Further….

It is well able to compete with its counterparts of the commercial market and If you own a wood stove burner and/ or a garden like I do of about an acre, where a) hedgerows need to be managed b) trees require thinning/ pruning/ removal c) logging is essential for winter fuel – then you’ll probably like this little beauty, a lot.

In A Nutshell:

Having only ever used two stroke conventional versions all of my life, it is tough for even this petrol head to type it, but having got my hands on it The Bosch AKE 30Li I can only but recommend it as a genius piece of kit for both domestic and commercial use.

Peter Donegan:

Review: Bosch AXT 25TC – Garden Shredder

bosch axt25tc


  • I do not sell or repair this product.
  • I did pay for this product.
  • This is just a review.
  • Peter Donegan very happily makes fine gardens for a living.
  • No better man to put something like this to test.

And so:

  • The following are my thoughts on the Bosch AXT 25TC
  • Full review, video and images below.


What is it:
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Karcher Ireland. Power Washer Hose Replacement

karcher ireland (4)

Before reading this, please note:

I do not sell Karcher products or repair them. In short, I make gardens.  Karcher did not give me kit to try out for them. I simply had one of them days, plural, where it would have been easier to deliver a baby rhino instead of trying to figure out how to get my power washer back to work.

I also thought that this might just help some other brother [or sister] out.

Comment box below an’ all that. Or twitter is grand. Nice one
x Peter

What happened ?

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Donegan Landscaping 2001 – 2013, The Logo

donegan landscaping

It was way back in 2001 when I first got the Donegan Landscaping logo made, my first year in business and I was but 24 years of age. I think I’m 25 in the image above taken at Howth Golf Club, one of my earliest contracts and I only knew one person with a digital camera at that time….

Fast track to 2013 and a few computers to the recycling centre later where I had managed to lose every image contained within; you know the usual…. would you like to back up your computer…. remind me later…. your computer would like to perform spontaneous combustion…..

Anyhow, no original images left and some years later, I needed my logo yesterday [so to speak] and the largest size file I could find it at was 16kb. That’s very small. Or not large enough to use anywhere without it looking brutal.

I called Davy MacDonald. You may remember Davy. He’s the guy who made this….

donegan landscaping web

…which makes him pretty much a logo, tech, design, guru genius. Above all else he also a pure gentleman.

What I did with the logo above, which he recreated onto a clear back drop [very impotanté and also see below], was this on my new, to me, jeep. The previous vehicle had earned its keep. But by far more logic than that, it was silver in colour and as Davy advised, for me that was never a good backdrop colour for the donegan landscaping logo.

donegan landscaping, ireland

And then I went and done this… yes for the first time since God only only knows when, I have new business cards. The previous versions as a by the way included a fax number….. And technology as Davy will tell you has come a long way since 2001. They, just like the work horse vehicle also needed a revamp/ refresh, a fresh coat of paint and don’t they both look very smart-er, now.

peter donegan landscaping, contact

Why am I noting this on the garden blog ?

If there’s one thing I know it’s when the shoe hits the fan, the people in your corner nee the friends you hold dearest are the one that are usually there, for me, literally at the drop of a hat and when you need them most. Don’t get me wrong business is still business, but it is good to have friends like Davy MacDonald and a vehicle with no logo is pretty pointless; and I like to get things done, today, yesterday, last week.

It’s also nice to say thank you. Something I explain to my daughter every day.

Back to it, I had some new years resolutions most necessary for the business that is Donegan Landscaping. Those objectives were only going to look very good and be done once and very right. They have been and thanks to Davy, I have just crossed 2 off the list.

Part 3 has been in progress for some time. Updates to follow….

donegan landscaping, logo