Self Build and Improve Your Home, Summer 2014

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I sometimes forget to note some of the things I do that are not ‘garden making’. And but for this lovely wee note and a copy of the latest edition in the post, I guess I may just have missed my involvement in the latest Summer 2014 Edition of the Self Build and Improve Your Home Magazine and an article on Garden Design.

Available to buy in all good book stores priced £3.50/ €3.75, it also features writing from fellow Irish horticulture heads Ian Price and Fiann O’Nuallain.

Of note if you fancy something to go with your cuppa, the previous article I was involved in from the Spring 2014 edition is now available online to read.

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The Sodshow. Ireland’s Best Podcast 2013

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On Saturday October 12th 2013, the garden podcast and radio show that I do alongside Brian Greene was for the second successive year crowned Irelands Best Podcast 2013.

Another award for talking ?

The words below taken from The Sodshow website explains all a little more indept. In the meantime, thanks for listening and the kettle is always on if you fancy a mug of decent caffeine.

x Peter

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Best Great Outdoors Blog – Finalist

I very honestly don’t believe I’ll ever win a shiny thing for this blog. That’s not some tale of woe played to a backdrop of violin soundings. More, it’s always been there, there abouts since I started writing it way back in 2007.

The thing is this landscaping blog really isn’t a blog, for blogging sake. It’s more what I do that is related to the business that is Peter Donegan the horticulturist, great outdoors lover etc and/ or Donegan Landscaping and the gardens I make. And I think it’s better for all concerned I stick to what I am best at.

In short, if I am busy outside, or there’s been snow for an elongated period of time, I may not or indeed I may have some time to put some notes and images up here.

Nonetheless, it is very much an honour to be noted up there with the very best of them. And it did make me smile. I like smiling. 😀 And thanks you for reading. And for being very lovely.

Official quote on making the final cut:

Always great to make the Irish squad

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The Living Garden. Germany Print

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Pictured above, the back cover of Jane Powers book, The Living Garden which has of recent been republished auf Deutsch/ in German. As you can see it comes with a quote signed off by Peter Donegan. That would be me of course.

From the publishers Verlag Freies Geistesleben

Ob für den angehenden oder den erfahrenen Gärtner, ob für den Balkon oder einen großen Landsitz – Living Garden ist eine Bibel für alle, die den Wunsch verspüren könnten, mit dem Gärtnern anzufangen, und für die, die schon einen Garten haben, ein Handbuch, das voller Anregungen steckt, zu eigenen schöpferischen Ideen anregt und Probleme lösen hilft.
(Peter Donegan)

Taken from my review of Jane’s book, March 26th 2011, it translates as follows

Potential or expert, Balcony or Estate, The Living Garden – is – a bible for those who may wish to begin gardening and a problem solving, idea generating, creative mind stirring directory for those who have a garden.
(Peter Donegan)

Although the book review was done on this garden blog, my interview with Jane aired on The Sodshow, the garden radio show I present when I’m not creating gardens and hence the reference to

Shortlisted: Best Blog Of A Business, 2013

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It’s not the first time I’ve been up for stuff like this and though I’ve never won anything shiny, it is always nice to know that my Mam someone out there likes this garden blog which began wahaaaaaay back in 2007.

Official quote from Peter on being shortlisted for the Social Media Awards:

it’s always nice to make the Irish squad

Moving straight on, I was noted alongside some pretty sooper dooper other Irish biz folks that are listed below. Also, a big hat tip and fair play to the category sponsors .ME Registry for dipping their hand in the honey jar.

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