Wanted: Helicopter For A Garden

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This may sound a bit odd…. but I’m looking for a helicopter. For a garden. A show garden that is.

As it stands I have no sponsor. Not a concern for the now.  I’ve been here before. Far more importantly, I’ve no flying machine and so I can’t entirely equation the creative. And so the chicken and the egg story continues. I’ve been here before. It’s all good…

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Peter Donegan Talks With Technology.ie at Clare Garden Festival 2014

Peter Donegan never shuts up about gardening. It’s his business, of course, but that’s not enough for him.

If he’s not gardening, he’s blogging about gardening. And if that wasn’t enough he started a podcast with Brian Greene, that turned into a radio show: The Sodshow on Dublin City FM.

Now, people who should know better have begun inviting him to speak at gardening events all over the country. 😉 Technology.ie caught up with him recently at The Clare Garden Festival in Ennis.

And that’s the intro I got from Conn O’ Muineachain this week on Blacknight’s Technology.ie blog. Of note maybe, myself and Conn met the day before I was due to speak at Clare Garden Festival back in April this year.

You can read the full posting over at Technology.ie.

As a by the way, that’s me pictured with Conn below. He’s the one on the right. 😉

peter donegan, conn omuineachain, technology.ie

Sean O’Rourke Show. Radio 1, RTE

It’s no big secret that I am a mahooosive fan of the great outdoors, tree hugging, planting them or pretty much being just damn near enough to them. A horticulturist with a passion for the great outdoors, as RTE chose to much better than I could, word it.

That in mind I was on chatting with the gentleman that is Sean O’Rourke last week. By his side was also Conor Pope and cillian Barry. Sean’s show airs midweek daily from 10am on RTE Radio 1.

The image below used in RTE’s show notes as a by the way, was first used in a post I wrote June 2011 when I was staying by the ever so very beautiful Lough Ennell. A fntastTake a listen above; and enjoy 😉

rte, sean orourke show, donegan

Self Build and Improve Your Home, Summer 2014

garden article, peter donegan, landscaping

I sometimes forget to note some of the things I do that are not ‘garden making’. And but for this lovely wee note and a copy of the latest edition in the post, I guess I may just have missed my involvement in the latest Summer 2014 Edition of the Self Build and Improve Your Home Magazine and an article on Garden Design.

Available to buy in all good book stores priced £3.50/ €3.75, it also features writing from fellow Irish horticulture heads Ian Price and Fiann O’Nuallain.

Of note if you fancy something to go with your cuppa, the previous article I was involved in from the Spring 2014 edition is now available online to read.

Further information: www.SelfBuild.ie

The Sodshow. Ireland’s Best Podcast 2013

peter donegan, garden podcast

On Saturday October 12th 2013, the garden podcast and radio show that I do alongside Brian Greene was for the second successive year crowned Irelands Best Podcast 2013.

Another award for talking ?

The words below taken from The Sodshow website explains all a little more indept. In the meantime, thanks for listening and the kettle is always on if you fancy a mug of decent caffeine.

x Peter

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