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Bloom 2007 – ‘No Rubber Soul’

The Morris Minor Car-den story can be read here. My reason for publishing this… I/ we need a sponsor! If you think you can help or know anyone who can – please do not hesitate to contact me.

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17th May RTE ‘Capital D’
To view documentary – see below
7 minute documentary on Peter Donegan and his design ‘No Rubber Soul’, for Bloom 2007

29th May/1st June TV3 ‘Ireland AM’
Full coverage of ‘No Rubber Soul’ and interviews with Peter Donegan over 3 days before the opening of Bloom.

29th May/1st June TV3 ‘News’
Full coverage of ‘No Rubber Soul’ and interviews with Peter Donegan over 3 days before the opening of Bloom.

Australian Television – Garden Gurus
The Gurus Explore Ireland – CD enclosed Broadcast after Bloom

14th March Fingal Independent
1/3 page article titled ‘Peter set to compete for top garden prize’ and photo.  Mentioning the preparation for Bloom, winning an ALCI Award for a 55 acre garden and the Bord Bia Quality programme Award.

21st March Fingal Independent
½ page article titled ‘Hopes high for bloomin’ great garden show result’ and photo of Peter Donegan, RTE’s Gerry Daly, top designers Paul Martin and Elma Fenton and TV gardener Eugene Higgins.

16th May Fingal Independent
1/3 page article titled ‘Peter has area in bloom’ and photo of Peter Donegan
Mentioning his appearance on RTE’s Capital D, containing full coverage of preparations for Bloom 2007.

26th May The Farmers Journal
Article on Bloom featuring photo of Angela Kennedy, Chairperson, Bord Bia and Gary Graham, Bloom Project Manager, Bord Bia in the ‘No Rubber Soul’ Garden.  Also featuring a mention of Peter Donegan’s exhibit not to be missed on the back page.

30th May The Irish Times
½ page article titled ‘Garden show aims to become an Irish Chelsea’ featured on Page 3 mentioning No Rubber Soul and picture of Peter within the garden.

31st May The Irish Examiner
½ page photo titled ‘Bloomin’ good show’ on back page, of Peter Donegan  under the bonnet of the Morris Minor.

31st May The Irish Examiner – Farming section
½ page article titled ‘Gardeners can showcase at home’ mentioning No Rubber Soul and featuring photo of Angela Kennedy, Chairperson, Bord Bia and Gary Graham, Bloom Project Manager, Bord Bia in the ‘No Rubber Soul’ Garden.

31st May The Evening Herald
¼ page article titled ‘Bloomin’ Marvellous’ mentioning Morris Minor and photo of Angela Kennedy, Chairperson, Bord Bia and Gary Graham, Bloom Project Manager, Bord Bia in the ‘No Rubber Soul’ Garden

31st May The Irish Daily Mail
Full page article titled ‘A graffiti-covered wall, an old car – if this is our answer to Chelsea Flower Show, can we have the question again?’ on Bloom featuring interview with Peter Donegan and photo of Peter adding the last few finishing touches to ‘No Rubber Soul’.

7th June Lá Nua
½ page article titled ‘An Earnáil Ghnó – Fógraíocht’ mentioning that on the opening day of Bloom, 1st June, Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd also received an Award from Foras na Gaeilge joining Barr 50, the top 50 companies to operate through the Irish language.  Also featuring 2 photos of the garden.

13th June Fingal Independent
1/3 page article titled ‘Peter’s Morris is a major success’ including photo.  Mentioning receiving a silver medal in the large garden category and joining Barr 50.

18th August Farmers Journal
½ page article titled ‘Minor to Major via Sergeant’ featuring interview with Peter and mentioning the Award winning garden in Bloom, winning an ALCI Award for a 55 acre garden and two photos of ‘No Rubber Soul’.

24th May-June 14th    Property Gallery- Issue No. 5
2 page article title ‘The art of landscape’ on ‘No Rubber Soul’ including 13 photos and biography of Peter Donegan.

May Issue Moving In
Paragraph mentioning Peter Donegan and details of his design ‘No Rubber Soul’

June/July Issue Irish Homes
Paragraph mentioning Peter Donegan and details of his design ‘No Rubber Soul’


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…and of course there was this

listen to me… on 103.2fm

nice decks...

nice decks...

A little after 10am today I will be on Dublin City fm 103.2 on your radio dial – for those of you with a computer click here and click listen. I will be on the Good morning show which you can also email… easy!

Of course the last time I was on the radio was with Rick, but then I was on for very different reasons.

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If you don’t want to listen to me – then this [click here] might make you smile!!

thanks mate, that was nice of you!

no, thank you...

no, thank you...

After Bloom I sent out a postcard to [the so very many who deserved a massive] say thank you.

Amongst the so very many, I also sent one to Diarmuids office.

That said, this isn’t the first time the now famous postcard has received acclaim!

Anyhow, it was [pictured left] given a somewhat surprising, yet most welcome and appreciated mention in the magazine [on page 8 in the bottom right hand corner]. If you don’t want to walk to the shop – click here to buy it online.

I like this magazine – it makes me smile!

This picture also featured sometime ago…

[l-r] peter, diarmuid, dermot & gerry

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ranting and raving… ?

(c) diarmuid gavin designs magazine

(c) dgd magazine

I wrote an article some time ago for Diarmuids magazine. It went in under the rant and rave section and was titled knowledge versus experience’. Of course if you want to see what the rave was about I suppose you’ll have to buy the magazine [april/ may 2008 issue] from the good guys at

It opened with, ‘In a new series ‘rant and rave’, two professionals present two sides of an arguement. Horticulturist Peter Donegan wonders – or rants – why so many people walk straight out of college into the ‘self-promoted title of garden designer’.’




And there holds the problem. If one reads this definition, after qualifying it may be perceived or even believed that one has the ability to walk straight into any garden and begin designing. That is true, theoretically.  But is it true in reality?

Horticulture — the art cultivating garden — and its use as a design platform is something far more than an art form. It ultimately requires a necessary experience. From this a person can decide if he or she likes a style, or believes there is a better alternative or preference more genuine to their taste and in order to be true to their artistic individuality.

This experience and love as an artist however requires much more. It necessitates a biblical knowledge of horticulture and botany in so many more forms and these hierarchal stripes cannot be earned in any college. One must dirty their hands, experience nature and almost understand plant life by touch, feel and sense intuitively.

Akin to the factors required for the growth of any plant, if one is missing, living becomes defunct and for a designer it is similar. Because unless the essential landscape experiences have been courted, made love to and then married — that is if the designed landscape fails to become a reality — then it is nothing short of paper with etchings upon it to possibly be admired.

As a business venture or whether working in the business, it is here that the pitfalls are made because business and associated time costs money. If a ‘designer’ cannot exactly calculate the time, timing schedules and the process of events unequivocally that must occur, or understand a client’s circumstances, including lifestyle and budget; in most cases, then, there is definite potential that the design maybe relegated to the nonchalant paper upon which rests one’s coffee cup.

It is wise to appreciate that your reputation starts again and again, every day of your business life. So why do so many walk straight front the doors of a college into the self-promoted title of garden designer? Is it an impossibility based upon inexperience and possibly an ill conceited dream that gardening is great? The trouble is, maybe, that some forget or don’t admit to where they should start. That is if one wishes to work with the ground, one should start at that level and work up. It is not all theory. It is nature, a subject that comes with a constant learning, and to understand that requires more than a fine education.

‘It is natural that the newcomer, perhaps accustomed to the fixed routine of other pursuits, may expect rules which, if followed, will give certain definite results, but these I cannot give, for climate, soil, aspect, shelter, and many other connected factors vary widely, so that an exact formula would be useless.’
from The Flower Garden by E.R. Jane, 1952

For more information on Peter Donegan’s work go to

[courtesy diarmuid gavin designs magazine]

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casino royal, the pink boat & electric picnic

The casino royal boat has an amazing story. Why didn’t I use it, to my [possible] advantage? The boat was a ruin. Inside-less, sideless & due to be dumped. Could I/it ever have been fully restored – no.

It was next to consider could I give it *any* use other than a skip? yes.

The question now was how does one restore the boat – to a use. The timber replacing the gaping holes would never look right. Pink was the obvious choice. It was perfect. I wanted recycling to come out of the doldrums and to be seen by young an old as something not of a rhetoric ‘wellies and cabbage patches’ of The Good Life style tv days of old. We did that. Not accepted by the Judges of Bloom or the horticultural critics… but that wasn’t the intention [ie. medals].

The pink boat became a part of my garden design for Bloom 2008 ‘pour l’amour de jeux’. A fully recycled recylable garden. Something not for the cricket judges, but for the people – a ‘show’ garden.

The problem was we had no home for the boat after. We had no sponsor [this also upset the Judges, i’m sure]. We couldn’t afford to move it again and it would have been ‘immoral’ to smash it up and put it to landfill.

The pleas went out on 2fm courtesy of Rick O shea. It was never for the money as I think you can gather by now. Hence the name – translated as ‘for a love of the game’, the reason why I put an entire company almost to financial ruin. Some critics say attention seeking – I say it would have been cheaper to put my face on billboards all over Dublin City for a year… it would. Electric Picnic were all of the right answers. It was a boat I’d got free. They took it free. They gave 2 tickets to me and 2 to auction. I outbid the highest bidder.

The casino royal bit – I knew. All involved did. At Bloom, I met a lovely guy Bill and his wife Ann at the show. Bill was a boat builder by profession. He was contracted to rebuild ‘casino royal’ all those years ago. The name had to be erased. The guy who contracted Bill went broke and the boat stayed in storage already stripped, empty and getting worse. In the meantime the name had to be removed [legally] from the boat… and it was.

A letter from Ann after the show explained:

Of course the name has been erased from the boat because of copyright. Once the film was made, it was then only permitted the use of “Casino Royale”

This is what electric Picnic says on their website:

11). ‘Casino Royal’ Boat – donated by Peter Donegan
The 1957 Royal Cruiser Mark II is reported to have been originally christened Casino Royale and allegedly featured in the James Bond movie of the same name in 1967.

Fast forward to 2008 Peter Donegan gives it it’s inaugural land trip to the Bloom Festival where it featured, freshly painted pink (“to make people smile”) in his fully recyclable garden that he designed & landscaped for the festival. Wanting to find a good home for it after the festival he launched a national campaign on 2FM which is when we heard of it and were happy to adopt it in exchange for some festival tickets which were auctioned for the Niall Mellon Township Trust where they hope to build a Garden of Hope community garden.

That said it all still comes down to a very large list to whom I still say thank you.

All Posts related post and the Pink Boat Story can be found here.

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