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Temple Street Childrens Hospital, 2018

Bank Holiday Monday, April 2nd 2018 there will be a mug of coffee, some cake and a bit of chat with friends to raise a few bob for Temple Street Childrens Hospital.

Year 8 now of doing it, the week following I’ll head to Inis Mór to complete (as versus compete) the half marathon for a charity that I hold close to my heart.  Read more

Peter Donegan: A Thank You For 2016

A 2016 thank – double underlined – you, for being brilliant.

See you in 2017.

X Peter

peter donegan landscaping dublin

Thank You: Temple Street Half Marathon 2015

tom clements, peter donegan, sean conville, inis mor temple street 2015

It was a few weeks ago that myself, Tom and Sean headed over to Inis Mor, the largest of the three Aran Islands to do The [annual] Temple Street half marathon.

Reasons and whys are better kept for a chat and a mug of coffee together, this posting being more about you and a note to say thank you. Read more

Domestic Chickens. The New Hen Run

hens, dublin

After about 4 years my last hens, most affectionately known as Diana and The Supremes, have moved on to pastures new. And, before the jokes start flying in, they have gone to a very wonderful new home. I am eggstatic. Moving swiftly onwards.

Honestly, the last hen run was just grand. But like getting a new kitchen and then having to get a new table and chairs and matching what-nots to make them look good; I had to make a new patio and it very simply would have knocked the set up entirely out of sync. And would have made it look like a pile of pants. And like an all seater stadium, I just couldn’t stand for that.

All jokes aside. The video below explains the new set up best…. Read more

Glasshouse Early Potatoes, Home Guard

It’s quite important for gardeners to be able to compare how’s yer man’s doing versus your own. In the very nicest way of saying, at least it is for me. On that note this quick video was recorded Monday 9th in a friend of mines glasshouse in North County Dublin. The variety of spud is Home Guard.

I have grown my own spuds before. Inside and out. Never in raised beds. For tidyness sake, sometimes in pots. But, maybe blessed by where I live geographically, the people I know and the things I do in my spare time that are guaranteed to be garden related in some format or other, I’ve decided not to grow them this year.

Being quite honest, 10kg of Roosters costs about €3 off any supermarket shelf and I eat potatoes them by the truckload. In context 10kg might do me for weeks, at a push. And I simply cannot grow them quick enough to fill my belly. That is very simply the logic behind it.

Below is Damian, in one of the fields not too far away from my house. We were checking the field grown spuds. As one does on your weekends 😉

field of potatoes