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plant list – pour l’amour de jeux bloom 2008 [10]

· Helleborus orientalis 1 Litre

· Digitalis purpurea ‘Torpedo Lilac’ 1.5 Litre

· Doronicum caucasicum ‘Little Leo’ 1.5 Litre

· Agapanthus ‘Midnight Blue’ 30-35cm 2 Litre

· Astilbe x arendsii ‘Fanal’ 2 Litre

· Astilbe ‘Gladstone’ 2 Litre

· Brunnera macrophylla 2 Litre

· Carex comans ‘Bronze Form’ 2 Litre

· Carex morrowii ‘Evergold’ 2 Litre

· Cortaderia selloana ‘Pumila’ 2 Litre

· Cosmos atrosanguineum ‘Chocomocha’ 2 Litre

· Dryopteris affinis 2 Litre

· Dryopteris erythrosora 2 Litre

· Euphorbia characias ‘Silver Swan’ 2 Litre

· Geum chiloense ‘Lady Stratheden’ 2 Litre

· Hosta ‘August Moon’ 2 Litre

· Hypericum magical ‘Mix’ 2 Litre

· Luzula sylvatica ‘Marginata’ 2 Litre

· Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’ 2 Litre

· Stipa arundinacea 2 Litre

· Santolina chamaecyparissus 2 Litre

· Spiraea japonica ‘Firelight’ 20-30cm 2 Litre

· Verbascum ‘Jackie’ 2 Litre

· Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’ 2 Litre

· Cordyline australis ‘Sundance’ 70-75cm 2.5 Litre

· Cimicifuga ramose ‘Brunette’ 3 Litre

· Hebe ‘Pink Panther’ 3 Litre

· Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’ 3 Litre

· Molinia caerulea ‘Variegata’ 3 Litre

· Paeonia ‘Bowl of Beauty’ 3 Litre

· Phormium ‘Bronze Baby’ 3 Litre

· Phormium ‘Platt’s Black’ 3 Litre

· Phormium ‘Jester’ 50-60cm 3 Litre

· Rodgersia ‘Hercules’ 3 Litre

· Lupinus ‘Gallery Red Shades’ 3.5 Litre

· Geranium sanguineum ‘Max Frei’ 4 Litre

· Euphorbia amygdaloides ‘Purpurea’ 5 Litre

· Euphorbia amygdalodies robbiae 5 Litre

· Fascicularia bicolor 5 Litre

· Hebe ‘Champion’ 5 Litre

· Heuchera ‘Plum Pudding’ 5 Litre

· Hosta fortunei ‘Albopicta’ 5 Litre

· Hosta fortunei ‘Frances Williams’ 5 Litre

· Hydrangea ‘Red’ 55cm 5 Litre

· Magnolia soulangeana ‘Susan’ 5 Litre

· Pittosporum tenu. ‘Tom Thumb’ 5 Litre

· Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki’ 7.5 Litre

· Genista hispanica 7.5 Litre

· Pittosporum tenu. ‘Tom Thumb’ 7.5 Litre

· Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ 80-100cm 10 Litre

· Astilbe japonica ‘Deutschland’ 10 Litre

· Hosta ‘Halcyon’ 10 Litre

· Ligularia przewalskii 10 Litre

· Prunus laurocerasus ‘Zabelliana’ 120-130cm 10 Litre

· Abelia x grandiflora 80-100cm 15 Litre

· Ceanothus thyrsiflorus ‘Repens’ 15 Litre

· Ceanothus ‘Italian Skies’ 15 Litre

· Daphne odora ‘Aureomarginata’ 15 Litre

· Fagus sylvatica 200-225cm 15 Litre

· Halimum libanotis 15 Litre

· Hypericum ‘Hidcote’ 15 Litre

· Phoenix canarensis 100-125cm 15 Litre

· Phormium t. ‘Purpureum’ 80-100cm 15 Litre

· Physocarpus opul diabalo 15 Litre

· Potentilla ‘Sunset’ 15 Litre

· Prunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifolia’ 80-100cm 15 Litre

· Sambucus nigra ‘Aurea’ 15 Litre

· Spiraea nipponica ‘Snowmound’ 15 Litre

· Viburnum plicatum ‘Mariesii’ 15 Litre

· Arbutus unedo 80-100cm18 Litre

· Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ 100-150cm 18 Litre

· Trachycarpus fortuneii 60-80cm 18 Litre

· Sorbaria tomentosa angustifolia 125-150cm 25 Litre

· Cedrus deodara 150-175cm 30 Litre

· Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ 150-175cm 30 Litre

· Cercidiphyllum japonicum 250-300cm 35 Litre

· Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’ (G) 10/12 45 Litre

· Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’ (G) 12/14 45 Litre

· Carpinus betulus ‘Monumentails’ 150-175cm 50 Litre

· Magnolia soulangeana 175-200cm 50 Litre

· Aesculus hippo ‘Pyramidalis’ 250-300cm 70 Litre

· Arbutus unedo 150-175cm 70 Litre

· Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ 200-250cm 70 Litre

· Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ 125-150cm 110 Litre

· Cornus florida ‘Rubra’ 350-400cm 280 Litre

· Betula nigra 400-450cm 600 Litre

· Prunus avium ‘Plena’ (G) 25/30 Airpot

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the pink boats berth-day bloom 2008[9]

the video…

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giving berth to pour l’amour de jeux – bloom 2008 [8]


This morning at 5.45 am after 11 long hours labour, Pour L’amour de Jeux finally gave berth to a 7 tonne, 11 metre long Pink Boat in the Phoenix Park Dublin.

With amazing help from John Farrell, John Friel, Whittens Road Haulage, The Garda Suíochana, Maura Hickey, Colin Browne and Gráinne Walker; this journey was finally made possible. If I have left anybody out it is because none of us have slept since finishing loading at 12.30am and arriving back to depart at 3.30am!! But it must be known the real journey started a long time ago.

…and so what started as a child like dream has been given berth and here another story begins. Today, some laughed, some smiled and some pondered; But whatever this story [ultimately the garden], brings to you, it was built only pour l’amour de jeux [for a love of the game] and no matter the size of your smile when you see it complete – this amazing journey if nothing else, has left me in no doubt regarding the amazing people and the genius minds I work and spend so much time with. Thank you all [it’s not over just yet], but it’s certainly a little easier….

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pink! giving berth at bloom 2008 [7]

Award winning landscape architect, Peter Donegan, is at it again. This year his show garden ‘Pour L‘amour de Jeux’ (For a love of the game) in Bloom 2008 will feature a 1957, 11 metre, pink, three storey pleasure cruise boat!

Building on the success of No Rubber Soul his award winning large show garden in Bloom 2007 where he featured a 1965 Morris Minor, split in two, no less, Peter decided to go bigger and brighter for Bloom 2008 and prove that dreams do really come true and if you put your mind to it you can do anything.

Peter’s mind will certainly need to be focused on the morning of May 8th as the pink, 3 storey, 11 metre long, 3.5 metre high pleasure cruise boat sets sail from Ballyboughal onto the M1, M50 and into the Phoenix Park where it will be berthed for the duration of Bloom 2008.

Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd was set up just eight years ago and in October 2007 Peter was presented with two national awards by the ALCI (Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland) and most recently received the National Amenity Quality Award in recognition of standards achieved under the Bord Bia Landscape Quality Programme.

Photo Opportunity

Event: Bright Pink, 11 metre pleasure cruise ship prepares to berth in bloom 2008
Route: Ballyboughal, M1, M50, Castleknock Gate, Phoenix Park
Date: 8th May 2008
UPDATE: TIME: 4am – 6pm [no later due to traffic/ OPW] departure and arrival

Photo Opportunity

A 1957, 11 metre long, bright pink, pleasure cruiser shall sail down the M1 and M50 on May 8th heading for its berth place at Bloom 2008 in the Phoenix Park. The imaginative, award winning, landscape architect, Peter Donegan has designed a large show garden including the boat for this year’s event entitled ‘Pour L’amour de Jeux’ (For the Love of the Game).

The three storey, pink, 11 metre long, 6 metre high pleasure boat will cruise from Ballyboughal, onto the M1, M50, Castleknock entrance into the Phoenix Park where it shall take up residence until the end of Bloom 2008.

Peter’s large show garden in Bloom 2007, ‘No Rubber Soul’ received a Silver Medal and featured a 1965 Morris Minor.

Contact Peter on 01 8078712

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Tree leaves may have a bio-cycle

go make a difference - book review peter donegan

Among the many books in my library I have a little gem called Go make a Difference – over 500 daily ways to save the planet. Whilst the book relates mainly to mainland UK it is still quite a fine journal crammed with useful links and thins that can be so easily done to help our planet.

One genius little junket was to do with a company who sells products made from from recycled tyres! Remarkable Technologies Ltd however have a website which is brilliant and whilst diddling through it over the weekend I found this page/ paper called Tree leaves: A free source of energy, literally falling from the sky where the author Eric Knight believes that ‘A new, renewable energy source, tree leaves, maybe the ideal earth-friendly bio fuel feedstock for the production of ethanol and/ or as a secondary fuel source for power plants.’

That one may not be so relevant to the general populus… but for apartment dwellers and bedsitters to those in country mansions – if you only did one of these per month in your life… As one of the reviews on the back by John Vidal, environment editor with The Guardian says, ‘How many people does it take to change the world? One to buy this book and six billion to act on it’.