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Bespoke 17th Century Gazebo

brackenstown gardens file - peter donegan landscaping

Recently the gardens of Brackenstown got the ‘peace de resistance’ that [in my heart] it so much deserved. The gazebo was installed 2 weeks ago in the centre of the tranquility garden after almost eight months since it was first considered. The funny thing I suppose was that within three days it was fitted, installed and painted as if it had been there all its life. When it is found difficult to believe that the life of the structure is one of such youth, I suppose it could be said that the job has been done and done extremely well. It is bespoke, the only one in the world and hand made, the old style way.

Credit when taking on a project like this must go primarily to ‘any’ client who has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ and forward vision to trust in a designer to bring something like this to fruition. I shall rephrase, when one does not know what the final outcome will be [obviously] and one has never seen ‘one’ before, it can be, difficult if you chose; only in the sense that if you are a ‘I need to see it first’ kind of person. If not, bespoke features for a garden are one off, special, specific, of true splendour and yours [and yours only].

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Allium Rosenbachianum

allium rosenbachianum - peter donegan file

This allium, also a member of the alliaceae/ lilliaceae family, the same as kitchen garlic [allium sativum] is probably my favourite bulb.

My favourite variety is this and of course Allium globemaster – mainly because of its yellow centre spot on a mre purple flower; akin to that of the solanum crispum glasnevin.

These guys do cost a little more han your average daffodil but well worth it and amazing as a cut flower on its own.

The stems of these guys can grow up to about 24″ tall upon which a 4″ diameter head sits on top.

I still look at it to this day and wonder ‘how on earth can your sister be stinking garlic… ?!!’. How inspiational life can be from such a breathtaking little piece of natures finest beauty. A fine specimen and well deserved of entry in my favourite plants list.

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Brackenstowns gardens & the sculpt exhibition

The award winning gardens of Brackenstown have hit the big screen. The gardens open for two weeks only for the Mid summer sculpt exhibition and this is one not to be missed. Tickets are limited and must be booked in advance through Gormleys Fine Art. Oliver is right, ‘what a setting’!

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Cedrus Atlantica Glauca Pendula

the weeping ceder - cedrus atlantica glauca pendula

This member of the Pinaceae family was planted quite recently, but it is probably one of my all time favourite trees. For all of the gardens I have created, I have probably only ever planted 5 of these [maximum] in my career. [To put that in context I may have planted close to One million fagus sylvatica or 500k tilia cordata]. Maybe its the scarcity/ availability is what makes it one of the greats?

So what makes the Cedrus Atlantica Glauca great first? Apart from the Cedars being monoecious [the male/ female reproduction parts are basically in seperate flowers]. It can also take up to two years to produce seed [ to differenciate bedding can do it in three months], which is produced in cones that develop over that period before releasing. Possibly the main reason it is a rarity is because the ‘atlantica’ family can grow up to 130′ tall and around 30′ wide.

However it is simply beautiful and if I was to have a tree planted in my name – it might just be this one.

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unusual lighting for a garden…

street lighting man o\'connell street

…. well it’s O’Connell Street actually and it needed a little inspiration. Congrats should go to Dublin City Council for this. Not only does the tree planting on O’Connell Street genuinely make a difference…quite beautiful actually [and award winning]; they’ve since gone and allowed these guys to brighten up the street at night. There is a female one that I remember but my camera batteries ran out [sorry ladies].

It must be said that anything that makes one smile is worth a round of applause. Bulaidh bós agus go raibh míle maith agaibh. I mo thuraim, tá sé go hana dheas ar fad! Well done the City Councillors.

Amazing what simplicities in life arouse inspiration.
Life is good!