Entries by Peter Donegan

Herb Garden Harvest

Most of you will remember my herb garden from a few months back. It didn’t look much at the time – but – whlst I had been borrowing a bit hither dither for cooking.. I eventually had to crop the parsley, some chives and rhubarb. I ate all the blackberries. The parsley I washed and […]

Bespoke 17th Century Gazebo

Recently the gardens of Brackenstown got the ‘peace de resistance’ that [in my heart] it so much deserved. The gazebo was installed 2 weeks ago in the centre of the tranquility garden after almost eight months since it was first considered. The funny thing I suppose was that within three days it was fitted, installed […]

Allium Rosenbachianum

This allium, also a member of the alliaceae/ lilliaceae family, the same as kitchen garlic [allium sativum] is probably my favourite bulb. My favourite variety is this and of course Allium globemaster – mainly because of its yellow centre spot on a mre purple flower; akin to that of the solanum crispum glasnevin. These guys […]

Brackenstowns gardens & the sculpt exhibition

The award winning gardens of Brackenstown have hit the big screen. The gardens open for two weeks only for the Mid summer sculpt exhibition and this is one not to be missed. Tickets are limited and must be booked in advance through Gormleys Fine Art. Oliver is right, ‘what a setting’!

Cedrus Atlantica Glauca Pendula

This member of the Pinaceae family was planted quite recently, but it is probably one of my all time favourite trees. For all of the gardens I have created, I have probably only ever planted 5 of these [maximum] in my career. [To put that in context I may have planted close to One million […]