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Peter Donegan Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2024

Peter Donegan will return to Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2024 (MIFGS) to design his second show garden there since winning Gold medal April 2023.

The Southern Hemispheres largest and most prestigious flower show is hosted at the UNESCO world heritage Royal Exhibition Building Carlton Gardens and Irelands leading garden designer Peter Donegan will once again team up with landscape contractor Martin Semken of Semken Landscaping Pty Ltd .

The garden is the story of a former military pilot who returns to a place he hoped to be able to recall home.

The intended garden secluded, remains as if he had never left and tells the story of a man, calm and placid in his demeanour but now broken, though never through his own eyes to the outside world.

The design aims to show what is when there is no head stone to one who has not fallen and, though his body not lost there remains a mind that can never be the same as it was prior to.

The garden features a fragmented path winding, to an aged grassed roof log cabin and a plane, the project that once was a wished for return to flight of a then younger man, not complete in its repair or trajectory stalled by tree growth over time, stimulated only by the turbulence of what comes with the witness of conflict.

The key elements include Sir Grange lawn by Lilydale Instant Lawn a natural stone path and lush planting; An ill repaired Piper PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow plane mid flight further enhances the gardens appeal whilst the aged wood cottage calms the story’s setting and completes the surroundings.

Garden Designer: Peter Donegan Garden Design
Assistant Designer: Elif Ozturk
Contractor: Semken Landscaping Pty Ltd
Further details to be announced

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Garden Designer Peter Donegan was in Australia to give the keynote speech at The Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) annual conference (Cairns, October 2023) and as guest speaker at their annual awards ceremony. Whilst there Irish based garden designer was presented with The AlH Green Space International Award and The AlH International Award of Excellence. 

The AIH bestowed its most coveted award to Donegan for his gardens designed at 13th Château de Péronne and also for his designs for RTE Television show DIY SOS and his Gold medal winning show garden at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS) 2023. It is the first time either award has been presented to a designer from Ireland or a gardens in France. 

The Green Space International Award was presented to Peter Donegan MSGD MAIH on behalf of Château de Péronne, home also to The Historial de la Grande Guerre – better know as Europes largest war museum housed within the 13th Century Castle – and were acknowledgment of the gardens Donegan designed and realised within the dried up moat (2018) and the medieval castles internal courtyard (2022).  

Internationally renowned landscape architect Donegan also gave two lectures at Melbourne University, the second alongside Martin Semken (Semken Landscaping), contractor of Donegan‘s Gold medal winning design at MIFGS 2023. 

The AlH International Award of Excellence was awarded to the Irish based International landscape architect for his designs for RTE Television’s DIY SOS The Big Build where he was series garden designer (2019 – 2022), at 13th Century Château de Péronne in Northern France (2018 and 2022) and at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (2023), where his 200 square metre show garden design won Gold medal. 

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