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Interview Landscape Designer Peter Donegan, Earthology Green Sense Podcast

Sarah Blake interviews Peter Donegan. Earthology Green Sense podcast is available in Spotify and all good podcast stores.

Peter Donegan is an amazing landscaper who has been an environmentally conscious garden designer and landscaper, long before it was fashionable. His gardens always consider the natural environment.

From 2019 – 2022 The RHS silver medalist became the series garden designer for RTE‘s DIY SOS The Big Build Ireland. He was selected to represent Ireland to design & realise the Irish WW1 Centenary Peace Garden at Chateau de Péronne in 2018, and returned to design a second inaugurated garden in 2022. 2023 sees Peter design at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show – the Southern Hemispheres largest flower show. We discuss:

• The DIY SOS challenges and keeping it green
• Using locally sourced materials like stone and wood
• Keeping existing materials in situ, especially soil for biodiversity
• The cost of removing ‘waste’
• Planting schemes for wildlife
• Overuse of particular plants

Find out more about Peter and his amazing projects