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DIY SOS Ireland, RTE. Series 1, Episode 2 – Tipperary

As noted previously, I only draw the gardens and alongside Alan, Johno, Sophie and Aoife, am part of the team that makes the build happen. A bizillion miracles and angels however (literally) made the magic and the house that love built, real.

Further details – DIY SOS Ireland.

From RTE 1:

In episode 2 the DIY SOS Build Team, led by Baz, enabled young widow Sinead Barry and her three young children move into a new build home, which Sinead’s husband Michael (34) never got a chance to complete, as he passed away from cancer in February 2019, only four months after he was first diagnosed.

It was a real privilege for all the volunteers to take up work where this talented tradesman took off by completing Michael’s life’s goal for Sinead and their three children.

Build Team:

Further info:

Photo: Luke W Cleary Photography

Above [L-R]: Peter Donegan (Garden Design), Aoife Rhattigan (Interior Design), Johno Davis, Sophie Pozzey, Baz Ashmaway (Presenter) & Alan Kilkenny (Building Maestro’s).

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