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Garden Design Talk: LCA Horticulture Class, Lusk Community College

Tuesday 19th March I had the honour to meet and chat with the LCA horticulture class at Lusk community College Dublin. I was invited there to talk about garden design as a career, how to do so and my journey through the horticulture industry from a life as a 6 year old growing plants under his bed, through horticulture college and to the design of a garden in a 13th Century Castle in France representing Ireland.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t even awarethat Irish secondary schools taught garden design as a subject and fair to note that when I was growing up garden related talks were seen as something for the elders in my life then, and all things a little bit beige. With

To see the brightest of the next generation of garden designers smile as they left a double class post listening to me speak, sits quite firmly up there with the very best of days.

My thanks to the staff teachers and students for being so wonderful,