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Dublin Landscaping: Quartz Raised Planters and Raised Planters

As additions to gardens go or in fact as doing anything goes, I’ve always lived by the do it once and do it very right rule.

This may well be considered a (raised) garden wall, but there a few things of note before taking everything into consideration: 

  1. it is one part of an ongoing project
  2. done once, done extremely well
  3. as walls go….. pretty damn sexy
  4. point 3 in mind; isolated, it does not look out of place
  5. most importantly, there is a symbiosis between the hand selected planting and the hand built wall

The video below of the (almost complete) bed may give you a better feel for the stone:

If I’m honest, I like the stone. I love the way its rougher texture exterior interlocks and the fact that on this occasion, it was finished with a simple yet effective plaster capping. Very good soil introduced, the logic was that it would look new, but not that new and, again; not out of place.

Whilst I’m have you, this private garden in Miltown, Dublin I made 2 or 3 years ago now, shows a slight different use of the quartz.

There’ll be a phase 2 and most probably a phase 3. Sometimes doing it very well takes time, but I’ll sleep quite happy knowing that this part looks pretty sweet whilst it awaits.

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