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Dublin Landscaping: Split Level Back and Front Garden

peter donegan gardens

When one takes a garden within any location, the decision that has to be made pre its landscaping is essentially, how do you want it to make you feel when; the last plant is placed in the ground and upon first glance you see it. In a nutshell, irrespective of the amount one spends, your investment and subsequently your garden, should stand out and equally fit for all of the right reasons – and – make you feel right at home, or at work. I personally prefer the former.

I’ve said this many times over but when one falls in love, from the opposite side of a bar (for example) at first sight, the flaws that the other person may believe they have are flawless to you. There is no breakdown or equation. Everything is perfect and to borrow a quote If I dont spend the rest of my life with this person I’ll have itchy trousers, life wont be worth living (Dylan Moran). It’s a funny analogy maybe but it explains things very well when something very simply works and fits, completely.

donegan landscaping

To clarify that, no garden should not make you or your neighbours suggest at first sight of your garden that one is a little tight (or, equally flash) with their savings. Unless that is the brief that you are giving me.

donegan gardens

This house in Dublin was mature of era, but had just finished a new build and renovation. And in my mind it was important that the planting was not reticent of 1950’s gardening – essentially Ligustrum ovalifolium, Hypericum’s and Coniferous plants, as had remained with some of the neighbouring gardens – no disrespect, horticulturally.

The spaces here were smaller anyway post its facelift and both back and front, both based upon three levels, needed something….. to ensure it didn’t simply become just green, if you get me. Do you get me ? There was also a consideration for a lower level of maintenance. Not, none at all just lower. New. Inviting and of the plants, a little sexier, if you get me.

donegan gardens

Scented, floral, herbaceous, ground cover, changes it height and growth rates per annum taken into consideration. The planters were hand made to both front and back, the plants peronally selected by hand. As smaller spaces go, this one, is just that – but it looks like someones home and a garden space I would happily stay longer in.

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