Garden Design Talk: Celbridge Community College

peter donegan, celbridge community school

I was delighted to be invited some weeks ago to speak with the students of Celbridge Community School, Pobalscoil Chill Droichid.

As noted to me by their teacher Mr Bright, the class were trying to change the current entirely paved in courtyard area to something a little more, interesting and photosynthetic. And I guess when one has never done this before, whereas I do it almost every single day, sometimes a little inspiration can be required. 

I’m reminded a little of those who were part of my life growing up, who inspired me during a time when horticulture was far from en vogue and how to this day how they thought me and that love for what I still do has never eased.

There was a need here to develop the concept into something more defined and taking into consideration limited resources; the dilemma became, how does one create a garden that inspires, self generates the imaginations and stands out a little for all of the right reasons.

If I’m honest, talking with people who set up schools gardens in the past it appears they can become a little repetitive, seasonal and exclude use during summer holidays and really I wanted this to become a space for both the non gardening minds and the growers of floral and edible.

Peter Donegan:


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