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Garden Workshop: Container and Kitchen Gardening, Thyme and Place, Salt Lake City

Sunday 19th March 2017.

During my time in Salt Lake City, (more on that when I catch my breath) I gave two courses at boutique garden store Thyme and Place, Utah.

The first on container gardening took re-purposed wooden boxes, sponsored by Barebones Living and turned them into, in short, miniature gardens. From how to care for plants and keep them alive to the actual design technique and piecing the selcted plants together to create a stunning display.

The second class I gave was on growing your own kitchen garden. Specifically aimed at those who had as some may call it, a brown thumb. The basics covered, watering and capillary action (sounds technical, but it’s not explained right) – all the way through to seed grermination and potting on.

Class Description:

If you are, or not in fact, a not green fingered person, a slayer of plants on more than one occasion but still have that dream as a now adult (even though that childlike person still resides in the back of your head); and ever wished to grow not only something that will make the ladies in your life think that you are in fact the coolest thing since Tom Jones sang Delilah, but also something that you might actually get to at a later date pop into a meal as you cook for your now very delighted and suitably impressed nouveau beau – then this is the talk and demonstration for you.

Whether your office, work or home space is your balcony, your window ledge or a larger piece of green; come along, get some dirt under your nails and get ready to grow something with Ireland’s finest horticulturist Peter Donegan.

Peter Donegan started growing plants from the age of 5, created his first garden aged 10 and of now have won national awards for the design and build of 17th and 18th Century estates and designed show gardens for both display and at national competition. He is the host of The Sodshow and the owner of Donegan Landscaping.

All plants, composts, materials and classes were provided by Thyme and Place, Salt Lake City; and presented by Peter Donegan.

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