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Garden Planters: Handmade and Planted. Dublin, Ireland.

hand made, garden planters, dublin

These garden planters were hand made in Dublin, Ireland.

Marked to measure using a pencil & a set square – old school – and precision cut & trimmed. The planters made from recycled timber – by client request on this occasion, were then twice sanded using a block of wood and sand paper and screwed together – very important in Irish weather and finally, hand painted twice – for added protection – in Henry Ford’s favourite colour. 

Subsequently they were lined inside with a semi permeable membrane – just a centimeter below the surface level; filled with Irish compost and planted with plants hand selected by yours truly, all of which were grown in Ireland.

hand made, garden planters, dublin (2)

Vital Statistics:

  • large planter measurements : 100 cm wide x 50 cm deep x 50 cm height
  • small planter measurements : 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm
  • yours can be made to measure if you may wish – details below
  • this video below, may give a you a better feel. press play.

Of note:

  • I studied horticulture not, as you may have gathered video production.
  • To more serious matters, you may prefer your planting a little different
  • and that, like preferring The Bay City Rollers over Bob Dylan, is very much allowed
  • in fact these planters contain fruiting bushes, herbaceous plants, herbs, scent and flower
  • the knowing that, makes me smile. And that, is a very (very very) good thing.

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