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Tree Planting: Dublin, Private Back Garden

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Tree planting, for me is a lot like The Who, Who’s Next album. You know that Baba O’Reilly is always going to be the first track. And though, you may leave that vinyl unplayed for an entire season; every time you let that needle down gently, the crackle begins and that same thrill tingle settles in all over again.

Trees similarly, are for the greater part planted in their dormant state, through the off seasons whilst they are sleeping. And one knows, horticultural hat now firmly on your heart, that the buds will burst, the rain will trickle down, and the foliage rustle increasing in volume all the while, until that day when the dappled sunshine allows you take a little rest beneath its now full canopy. 


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Sidetracking ever so, I’m usually hesitant to pop something like this, on the Donegan Landscaping blog. There are better before and after examples of gardens I have made I guess; but this one is slightly different in the that there was a double requirement necessary:

  1. privacy from newly built homes to the rear of the garden
  2. the new end result planting did not appear as though it was done for privacy sake, my reason for posting this here

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Before I get to the planting choice, please do consider:

  1. trees are not concrete blocks
  2. what works here may not horticulturally, work in your space outdoors
  3. should you ignore points 1 & 2
  4. may I also recommend you do or do not test how long all of your money lasts on a 90 degree boil wash
  5. trees are sold by girth, height and (far more importantly) quality.

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Back to the good life:

A mixed planting of ever green Quercus Ilex was met with Betula utilis Jacquemontii – evergreen meets deciduous – see clients wishes above – and just for good measure a side order of Carpinus betulus fastigiata.

The trees were double staked, strapped and cross beamed. Slow release fertiliser when planting met with a nice mix of compost in order to give the hand selected trees the best start possible.

The only downside of this ? apart from my pretty terrible photography skills, is that I can see in my mind just how the Betula and the Quercus are going to evolve together and how they will achieve exactly as was requested. But alas, this is not my garden.

Thoughts or Q’s [?] leave a comment below or drop me a line.

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