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Trinity College Dublin, Zoology Museum

trinity college dublin

One might think it funny (maybe ?) that I note Trinity College’s Zoology Museum here, but there is literally so much that this horticulturist takes every time I visit. Regularly done but never noted ’til now. NB: not The Dead Zoo, alias The Natural History Museum.

Before I get there, if you are looking for a slight Dublin City escape, you could do a lot worse than to side exit stage left with your luncheon through the main gates of Trinity and down towards ‘The Pav’. We on this occasion, took the route off College Green through Trinity’s main arched entrance.

Walking through that way – a place I used to go between 2 bus journeys over to see my Grandmother on the Southside of Dublin and later again when I was between 3 much longer bus journeys heading to horticultural college – I get to see the lines and symmetry of the buildings windows; and its in part softened dappling by the now aged trees – that in my eyes, never have they seemed to age. Something that has always amazes and never ceased to make me smile.

trinity college dublin,

Back to it, I and wee Ella (age 5) went there some time ago now. We sat with our flask of coffee and beaker of milk; and a very badly ramshackled luncheon of 2 carrots, whatever was left in the bread bin, one kiwi and some raisins…. a conversation for another day.

We watched cricket on the main lawn – a game I will never fully understand, yet time evaporatingly enjoyed; we sat beneath the shade of the (again) beautiful trees and imagined shapes in the clouds and we took a photo of our reflection in the Ernest TS Walton (E=MC2) sculpt, just around the corner…..

Ernest TS Walton

We took some time at the Trinity Physics Garden – it’s small, but it is detailed (and recommeded). It also is en route to the very wonderful Science Gallery Museum which we have visited many, many times. Her first, when she was 1.5 years young.

First time at @sciencegallery. Age 1 and a half. Noted. 🙂

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And in between all of that, we made our way to the museum.

Trinity’s Zoology Museum dates back to 1777. I have to pause every time I say that aloud. Being very honest, I primarily went there to look at the insects. But, seeing Nelly the Elephant, which you would almost miss if you blinked, reminded me of my brother singing that song to me when we were wee whipper-snappers. The euro 5 entrance cost for the both of us worth every single cent.

More horticulture that you might ever believe.

Lovely, beautiful, wonderful Dublin.

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