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Donegan Landscaping, Dublin: Back Garden Makeover.

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I’ve most probably noted this a bizillion times over but, there are two things that make any garden that little bit extra brilliant:

  1. A really, really great client – I hate that word – And…..
  2. An entire disaster of a pre my getting there garden.

The latter if I’m honest, very simply gives the before and after video that extra wow factor and maybe makes me look a little more of a genius at what I do. Whereas the former, really is what makes it all, feel just that extra special and tailored just for you. Something I can only describe as the difference between a house and a home.

What may be worth considering here is:

  1. that the (pre my getting there) garden rose by approx 27 degrees over a 9 metre distance to the rear
  2. the soil was really something terrible; better known as a gley soil to the horticulturist; or a level below subsoil. And…
  3. therefore the drainage and nutrient soil value was virtually non existant.
  4. the only access was through the house

Those factors however really did not affect in any way what the garden was to become. That, in it’s entirety came down to the Clients (yup) wishes and a meeting of minds for the what the space would become.

Of note in that and my design of gardens in mind, I sometimes do well remembering and need no reminding that not all gardens I am asked to make are commissions; nor, are they to ever become Peter Donegan Memorial spaces; and also that this is someones home, not mine – I love that word – and they not only sign the cheques but also have to pay or care for it for long after I am gone. And therefore logically, a(nother) reason for the end result and also why you may not, or in fact choose to prefer one garden I have created over another.

In this new garden – hand made fencing and outer building (it’s not a shed), with a hand made half door, timber made raised beds with really great soil imported; black limestone, raised, laid, uncut (as it should be) and hand pointed; and every single plant hand chosen by yours truly. Plant colour in mind – the garden images were taken the last week of November, 2015.

All that is needed now – is the sound of laughter, coffee spills and a little tlc as and when the plants discover geotropism come 2016.

Happy. Very.
Peter X

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