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Landscaping: Yellow Limestone Patio. Malahide, Co Dublin

yellow limestone, dublin

There’s something quite beautiful when working with a natural stone when, it is laid correctly and to the highest standard. And simple as it may sound, that mainly comes down to the fact that it is a natural stone, as versus manufactured.

I kind of see it a bit like the (real) leather jacket I had in college with much worn patches in it. With much worn patches in it that told their own story. We had history. And the older it got the almost better it looked and felt. As versus a faux version of the real deal that just never cuts it in that department. Or frozen carrots. As versus the ones you grew yourself. Nothing wrong with either. And we all know they are the reason why rabbits don’t wear glasses. But essentially one very simply feels better than the other, and every one in the room knows it.

For me, moreso maybe, I quite love that not one slab will ever be the same as the other; And though it may be called Yellow Limestone – it is important to note that not every slab is yellow; and also that they can, and do verge pretty much from almost a green/ blue straight through to orange; it’s nearest neighbours on the colour wheel. Irrespective of and to note it again, when laid correctly, it looks and feels pretty damn good.

yellow limestone, dublin

On a slight side note. I got the leather jacket and 12 pounds, from a mate of mine in college. He swapped me straight for a green jumper that I got for free whilst working in a garden centre. To this day I will never understand why he did that.

Back to the limestone; once laid some do choose to seal it which brings up that Brylcreem type wet look about it. And though I’ve noted my thoughts on that before…. Personally, I prefer that natural stones looks, natural. That is, when it rains and equally as the sun shines upon it that its appearance and finish changes to suit.

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