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Bloom 2016. The ‘Your Name Here’ Wedding Garden.

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I have always seen gardens a lot like falling or being in love, or a feeling, or emotion, of sorts. Like that moment when you first kissed and Erma Franklin or Wilson began singing secretly in your head for no apparent reason. But it then, now and still every time you hear that song play, makes a tear drops trickle from your eye. And twenty, or one, or a bizillion years later and you hear that tunes intro and it somehow magically brings you all the way back to that exact moment and place and you know, that it felt and still feels so right and yet it still makes no perfect sense. And you can either identify with that or you can’t because you were so in love and felt that something magic and such attraction if you will, and therefore it actually makes perfect sense, to you.

Being slightly more logic, I’m sure there are more formal ways to introduce a garden concept or plan, but in this case, maybe, there quite simply is not. Or just not for me. But that – the first paragraph; is what essentially what this garden will become.

Surprising it may sound to chat show gardening already, but Bloom garden designs are required to be submitted somewhere around September/ October this year for June 2016. Like all things done extremely well, preparation is everything. And I know the other side of the coin is that this garden will need a partner and a someone, a place or space even who will take this journey with me. Because I want that this garden has an after Bloom home for life. An award-winning garden designer, who has designed a now (of the future) award-winning garden, with you and your name in mind. To where it stands at this moment….. the garden concept is in place, the team is being pieced together and the physical elements and the makers and growers of are there too. But the garden needs a little of the personal touch and a reason to be made for that exact place and that someone special.

On a slight side note, Jerry Maguire is on loop playing at a cinema inside my now slightly funny sounding head. I also make really good coffeine. Dickie Fox. What a legend.

Chat soon,
X Peter

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