Review: Vango Omega 450XL Tent

vango omega 450XL

This, the Vango Omega 450XL is my latest investment.

It’s been a while since I noted much other than garden making here, but this has always been the weblog of Peter Donegan who makes gardens for a loving living.

Plants and gardens slightly aside, I guess I have Dad to thank for my other love of the great outdoors and he would have had us in the cubs and scouts from around the age of 5 or so; a love I guess that has never ever left me.

And though I may have a penchant for the extreme outdoors, when it comes to others in my company, it should never be about endurance testing or wild camping. That said, prepared rightly, there is no better way to see the very beautiful natural landscape of Ireland than sleeping right next to it.

To the Vango….

Of note:

  • I popped this up without reading the instructions first go, on my own, in less than 20 minutes.Very important for families with kids who arrive on site when, it is lashing rain and they are all bawling crying.
  • On the first night it was used it took a battering of overnight winds and 40mm of Corks finest rain. It didn’t bat an eyelid.
  • It is 5000 Hydrostatic Head rated. I wouldn’t settle for anything less.
  • The poles are not colour coded, as noted by Vango – instead, smaller pole to the smaller end.
  • The video above explains things a lot better.
  • Bring extra tent pegs. Always bring extra tent pegs.
  • Suggested: a layer of butyl rubber pond liner/ waterproof builders membrane for underneath the bedroom area. Cut it to size and layer it on the boot of the car before packing. The tent is light weight. Ireland can be O stony grey soil of Moanaghan… etc
  • I didn’t get the tent free gratis. I wish I did.
  • That said, 330 euros approximately is seriously great value.
  • Money aside, this tent higher than highly recommended.
  • I bought this one at 53 Degrees North, Cork. Cathy who works there is very helpful. I swapped my email address for some discount. See receipt below.
  • I love that this is a stuff sack tent – ie. very simply ram it back into the bag. Very important when moving to the next site when it’s still lashing it down. As versus folding carefully when space is tight.
  • The lightweight outer means it re-dries very quickly when it is repitched.

Why you might ask, did I change my tent… In short, my previous one was quite simply overused and as happens it became a little frail. It’s not a design flaw, it very simply happens with overuse. This is my 3rd tent since 2009. Re the Vango, I was quite happy that I got battered by Corks finest weather – it gave me serious confidence in not waking up to soggy socks and soggy bread.

Any Q’s just holler:

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