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There are very many reasons why I love so much what it is I do as my work, if I might call it that.

Second place to the top of that pile for most gardens, for me, is the what it was before hand to the what it has become. That in mind, this little ditty sits right up there with the very best of them.

To some of what was done in the garden:
The natural travertine stone chosen split on two levels on the upper garden level. The “shed”, including the half-door hand-made, its windows tinted black and its double roof completed in black slate; the planters hand-made, painted and plastered and the plants hand selected personally; the fencing as a by the way also hand-made, painted and tailored. And the stepping to the hand-made seating complete with a natural black stone.

The obligatory garden before works started photograph:


If I’m very honest, I love every single thing about this garden, now. And if it were a lady, I would very happily ask it to spend the rest of my life with me. In all seriousness, when you think about something like that; like being in love, as I sometimes do, it invariably and should come down to how something makes you feel. In this case, a garden. And at the very minimum it has to make you smile.

And though some may see that space at the rear of ones dwelling as an overhead or an additional cost or a chore or a task; Others, see it as an extension of ones home, where one lives and what and how that space should become and how one should really feel when you sit outside and unwind, relax, laugh and smile. In this case, the latter was very much how this gardens new owners thought. And in this case, it is very much the reason why I loved making this garden so very, very much.

Love my job. Happy. Very.
X Peter

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