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Review: Bosch AXT 25TC – Garden Shredder

bosch axt25tc


  • I do not sell or repair this product.
  • I did pay for this product.
  • This is just a review.
  • Peter Donegan very happily makes fine gardens for a living.
  • No better man to put something like this to test.

And so:

  • The following are my thoughts on the Bosch AXT 25TC
  • Full review, video and images below.


What is it:

An electric garden shredder that sits at the lower of the commercial chipper scale but, is sold to the domestic market. Further, there is nothing at the lower of the commercial range that suits. I checked. Also this one is electric powered as versus petrol.

They say [quote]:

“The product is intended for the cutting of fibrous and woody waste for composting.” …..

Why did I buy it:

I live on about an acre of garden that is surrounded on 3 side by hedgerows – bramble, crataegus, fraxinus, ivy and anything else that you might find in there. One side is over telegraph wire height. The 4th side I wish to plant this season. I also have planted just over 100 various trees. They all need to be pruned/ maintained. This has to very easily be able to deal with that.

Other opinions:

I spoke to my good friend Phil. Also a neighbour and lives on about an acre. He bought one first. I trialed his in his garden. I thought at first it could be broken shredding old hedgerows. It can’t. Or at least I can not. I also asked within the trade. Off the record, it was recommended.

Anything else:

If it can fit down the black chute it’ll go through the blades. In the sense of trying to find a rhythm it takes a little getting used to – as versus a lopping shears. Not, to be confused with a chipper, this also takes the foliage. It should be very highly commended for its safety features [ie. I can’t fit my hand inside it]. I can pick it up over my shoulder. A less in strength person should be well able to pull it. It has 2 wheels.

Any other thing Else Peter:

I made a point of going to see Bosch at Bloom solely because of this product. I wanted to tell the Top Dons what my garden was and what I wanted it for. I also wanted them to tell me on the record how good it was. The Sodshow interview with Bosch will air later this year. If I’m really honest, I was half hoping – no harm in that – they’d give me the product for free to trial. I was buying one anyway, with or without our meeting.


None really. But, me being an award winning garden builder and designer of gardens, it’s usual that I know more about everything than my non garden making for a living friend. In this case I did not. That in mind, I didn’t get it free gratis. To road test. I’d have heard about it much earlier.

What kind of Euro’s are we talking:

Expect to pay upwards of 500 plus euro. You very much get what you pay for. Comes with a 2 year warranty. And a cardboard box. Of note, I’ve seen them for hire at Euro 61.50 per day. Mathematics was one of my favourite subjects.

In a nutshell:

The Bosch AXT25TC is, one of the greatest investments I have ever made since my jeep got smashed in some 3 years ago and all* – yes, every single one – of my tools stolen. Higher than highly recommended. Worth every cent.

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