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In the before and after family garden department this space outdoors is pretty much up there with the best of them.

In part that comes down to what it was before hand and what it needed to become. But more it came down to one thing; the Client (I hate that word). It invariably does. And in this case more than any garden ever, they were hand on heart nothing short of genius.

Completed late Feb 2015; To the brief given, it was in this case that they the family, did not use the garden last year and that this 2015, they wished for that to be the opposite.

In my notes, I had scribbled that the existing garden was [quote] A bit beige and Old hat on one page. And on the top of my doodles for this garden is read [in ref to the new to be garden and the client; that they were]:

too f**king young.

No sh*t re the above. The video below with before and after explains why just that little bit better.

What you don’t see here is that every single decision involved a through the house only, no side access and with added steps internally; just to spice it up that little bit extra. And with my not being a fan of scratched doors at wheelbarrow height, that also meant no ramps inside.

Re the garden build itself: Levels changed, sunken trampoline in, existing planting out, new plants in, new rolled lawn, lights, outdoor sockets, a shed – if you might call it that, stump grinder, fencing and gold granite patio surmises just some of what took place here. The former paragraph above, maybe might just explaining certain things as you glance at the images.

Personally for me, I prefer, like and love the idea of growing old-er alongside someone, and something – in this case a garden – that makes me smile.

The very best gardens [?] one soon realises, are quite simply spaces that allow and sometimes encourage that to happen, together.

X Peter

dublin landscaping

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