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If you were to ask me over, let’s say, the last 15 years in business as Donegan Landscaping the gardens I remember the most and more importantly why. The answer has and always will be those that were built for the nicest people one, I in this case, could ever meet.

Working for the loveliest people in the planet should not be underestimated – we all know the alternate – But it is such an important factor for me, that is welcomed into your home and your garden. It matters how we chat and talk and one might even say get to know know each other. It makes a difference to the end result which is essentially your garden. And dollars aside, when you smile – I know and I am reminded that it is such a wonderful thing that I do as my work [?].

Back to this garden, the video – before images up to 0:59 minutes and the after video following – below explains what it was and what it became that is so much better. 

The ratio to hard landscaping ratio was by client request. It included that and the changing to one level the entire garden. After that, the built in barbeque was made, the surrounding stone work was clad and softened with wood [note: not* fencing panels] as was a large plastic and steel container for harvesting water. Drainage sytems were also allowed in and levels created to work with this; in short.

The next garden after here is extremely different. Which half reminds me of when I was in college – I had long hair and wore flared jeans….. and there were always the Ace of Base fans. Whereas I was a little more Lizzy and Van Morisson. The choons were very different if you get me. We were both very happy in our own heads. It’s all good.

In it’s quite brand new just complete state, what the garden now needs is a place for people to sit and to laugh and smile. And based upon those who I met that shook my hand, I’ve got a great feeling this will be a fine place to be come.

Happy. Peter X

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