Private Garden Landscaping: Milltown, Dublin 6

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I have always felt and I’ve possibly noted it here before, that I am blessed, or honoured, that I get to do what I utterly love doing as my work. And that’s the gas thing, it’s doesn’t at all feel like work, to me. And when my heart [and very horticulturally educated brain] is in the right place, one really does tend to  smile just that extra little bit greater all the way through the journey. Like being in love. Or falling in love. Or that first kiss. And you never want, not the kiss as such, but more the emotion or the heart beating to end…. if that makes sense. Does that make sense ?

And you want to get up earlier in the morning just to see her sleeping. And she smiles at you as she awakens and it’s like poetry and you both know. And there is no questioning that feeling. And it very simply feels so damn frickin’ good. And either you can entirely feel what I’m saying because you have been in that place or moment or…. it’s quite simply just damn hard work.

Back in the real world; gardens… A before and after garden video ?

The funny thing is, it lashed rain for all but the entire of one week of this garden build and just as described, the feel for what it would become never quavered once. And yet again two things make that happen; and make it better and the journey; irrespective of precipitation levels or other – and that is 1) the client [I hate that word] and 2) the man [that’s me as a by the way] entrusted to make that happen.

Because when you think about it, there is quite simply, if you get me, a picture in my brain of what and how a garden will end up looking and, equally as important, make you feel when you sit within. And I know I will make that happen, for you. Because I can see in the future in my sometimes slightly funny garden head. The piece de resistance however is when you finally get there and we both smile. And that, and very much so in this case, was a real genuine honour.


To the garden itself, garden clearance complete, the walls were plastered; levels created; one pond built whilst another was demolished; new planting beds were carefully clad with a fine choice of stone and added seating; walls painted white and the sandstone’s pointing by hand. Add to that some select planting and some fine finishing touches by the new water feature, inside and out. Of note also, there is an almost open plan split level garden with different spaces and places to sit within depending on how you feel.

Challenges along the way ? Outside of the fine Irish weather ? a side entrance with a double kink that meant a wheel barrow could not be used to tranfer soil and stone easily, or at all. But then, that’s just a challenge. And not a new one.

And though it is quite different from others previously completed projects – on the one hand maybe, down to the ratio of hard to soft landscaping – on the other; maybe I sometimes need reminding of what it was before and just how ‘missing something’ it felt then [see images below]. The reality is it fits the clients [I hate that word] brief of what they wanted in their new space outside.

Any thoughts or Q’s [?] leave a comment below or drop me a line.

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