(Garden) Guest Speaker: St Dominics School, Ballyfermot, Dublin


pic above courtesy Ms Mills, St Dominics Secondary School

I’ve done garden talks before. Christ Church Cathedral for Dublin Garden Festival, Clare Garden Festival and of course with Gardening Clubs. And although I have also spoken with schools before, this talk was a little bit different. Not different bad. More different as in unique. Which is what my Mom used to call me.

Sidetracking slightly, as I often tend to do; It seems the norm for “school gardens”, is that the curriculum is granted an allocation of time and space – most certainly to raised vegetable beds – in which pupils have school time to garden. Of note, any form of horticulture in schools is far from a bad thing.

But I kind of see gardening like music or poetry. Or, being in love, as I noted when talking with Gerry Kelly on The Late Lunch Radio Show. And it should be something more than that. And in my opinion, something that comes very much from the heart. Or makes you smile, more.

To what the garden talk was about ? – you may be better off asking Ms Mills and her class that question – but the images below maybe will explain that better. Or not. In short, their descriptions without seeing them (as an example) was what I was after. Or why wee 4 year old Ella waves at the man in the moon during the daytime, if you get me ? Do you get me ? And it doesn’t make sense as an adult, but then it doesn’t have to.

But then considering the garden space as it stands is very much the neglected jungle and this is far from a very fine hotel asking me to design a wedding garden from them; and also that the dream and vision is one that will come from the pupils; in the end, the future of the space (phase 1 – the dream) ended up as a large white sheet of paper filled with only words of a happy nature. Happy is good. And we now know the elments from which to start with.

Another recycled garden, maybe ? See below. A journey begins. Don’t stop believing. Cracking choon. When asked Why ? I answer Why not ?

I’m not too sure where this green road will lead. More I’m unsure as it stands what the exact end result will be. But then as I explained, when the end result is about how a space will make you feel, then you can’t really get it wrong. You simply need to get the feeling right. And I have been here before.

What I do know, is that it will be something very unique. And that as my Mom also told me can be something extremely special. 😉

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