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Garden Talk: Castlepollard Gardening Club, Co. Westmeath

castlepollard gardening club

I was genuinely honoured to be invited to give a talk with Castlepollard Gardening Club which, takes place Thursday 25th September, 2014.

It’s been pretty fine weather garden making and the last talk I did at Dublin Garden Festival and Christchurch Cathedral back in June of this year in mind, I guess my wee hiatus from talking [?], leaves me very much looking forward to this one.

Of note (maybe), I’m not that used to there being any sort of no entry fee to hear me speak, which I’m sure may sound a little cocky of me; or, maybe that’s just what I’m used to. Then again I’ve never had to pay to hear me speak. Either or, here’s whatchoo need to know.

The talk will last about an hour or so and Shirley tells me there will be tea and cakes after and also I will be hanging on for as long as is necessary to answer any questions. Recommended accomodation as a by the way is The Hotel Castlepollard.

Castlepollard Garden Club You Ask ?
Castlepollard Gardening Club had its first meeting in October 2004 and have had many and varied speakers since. We meet 7-8 times a year. There are talks combined with nightly competitions in February, March, April,September and October. We have a flower arranging demonstration in December and visit two or three gardens over the summer months. We normally have between 20 and 30 people at most meetings or visits. Many of our members would enjoy the social aspect of our gatherings as much as the gardening aspect bit that is not to say they are not knowledgeable about gardening. Hence it is not too intensive or competitive.

It being a Thursday, we are heading for a few drinks after and then maybe catch a garden or two the next day/ morning before heading home. Just in case you were thinking of making the journey ; a little like what happened around my speaking at Clare Garden Festival.

In the meantime, if you haven’t had a summer holiday maybe, just maybe, a trip to Co. Westmeath and the very beautiful Castlepollard might just be the ticket.

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