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Back Garden: Landscaping. Killester, Dublin

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I have always felt that gardens, the better ones are those where the journey to completion and its creating put simply, appears and far more importantly feels effortless. In this gardens making, it was nothing but a real genuine honour and I literally smiled every day of its making.

And though that may sound a little Hugh Grant or some such actor in some pile of pants girlie film [apologies], here’s what I noted the day of its completion which maybe words that better.

This wee video may give you a better feel of the finished back garden space.

Sidetracking back slightly, I don’t think you can make someone feel that [about what they do for a living]; And, I honestly believe you either feel that or you don’t about that person you held hands with [for example]. And sometimes it just doesn’t make sense, but it does and you love every single second of it. Like dancing in puddles at 4am whilst singing ‘hey I got my new shoes on….‘, or tipping the woman you love into the freezer section as she leans over to pick out a pepperoni or lying in the middle of your garden drinking John Jameson and counting stars together.

And at the very least I hope you can see something of that when you look at the finished pictures. And now I’ve got ‘Boston, More Than A Feeling’ ringing in my head. And I have no idea where that came from.

Back to the garden. And the before Peter got there ? In a nutshell, picture a jungle. Of note also, I was pretty much given carte blanche.

And what you see is quite different in a sense from most of the other gardens you maybe have seen that I have done. If nothing else definitely from a planting perspective. And it works.

And I guess one could lavish me with compliments – there’s a joke in there somewhere – but in reality and quite seriously one had to give me the go ahead or say no or yes, on the (albeit sometimes botanical) decisions I made.

I guess sometimes I need to remind myself not to equationalise (broadsheet ?) my thinking in the after and just allow it bring a smile to your (or just my) face. We’ve been here before. See puddles, above.

Smiles. Very lovely. Most happy. Thank you so much. Enjoy. 😉

Any thoughts or Q’s [?] leave a comment below or drop me a line.

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