Wanted: Helicopter For A Garden

donegan peter

This may sound a bit odd…. but I’m looking for a helicopter. For a garden. A show garden that is.

As it stands I have no sponsor. Not a concern for the now.  I’ve been here before. Far more importantly, I’ve no flying machine and so I can’t entirely equation the creative. And so the chicken and the egg story continues. I’ve been here before. It’s all good…

In context, I found a very large boat for a show garden in 2008. It now lives in Electric Picnic. You’ll have to ask Rick O’Shea that story.

pink boat

Prior to that, I found a Morris Minor for a show garden.

donegan gardens bloom

Of note: the better the outside and inside of the copter the better. It doesn’t need an engine. That said, beggars and choosers and…. Try me.

You may think my wanting a ‘copter sounds a little funny. Me and funny, if you wish to call it that, have history.

Should you ask why [?]… it’s really very simple. You only live once. I don’t want to look back and say ‘I wish I had done…’. It is always one heck of a journey. There are easier ways of doing things for sure. But where’s the fun in that. Also, better to have loved than never loved at all.

It’s all good.
Happy out.
Loves you the mostest.
X Peter

Peter Donegan:

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