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Trees: Phoenix Park, Dublin

phoenix park trees (5)

Measuring 707 hectares, Páirc an Fhionnuisce better known as The Phoenix Park is Europes largest walled park and to even attempt to cover it with just a wee handful of  photographs simply would not be possible.

And though it has been some time since I noted a park on this landscaping blog, I was there of recent with family having cake and goofing around with a frisbee by my favourite spot at present just by The Visitor Centre where the so very well kept walled garden, the café and the play ground resides.

And whilst it seems to be the perfect meet of great outdoors relaxation and ooooh, Peter would you look at that ! ; I just couldn’t stop myself from snapping these pics on my phone.

Legend has it, I always found it hard to sit still.

As a horticulturist, garden lover, great outdoors for a living [?] and a hobby, I do find it mildly troublesome to find a space/ place/ park where I can relax and not think about work, if that makes sense. That said I have very very, fond memories coming here all of my life from a wee child with my siblings, aunties, folks and later beau’s and back to family to while some time away in the great outdoors.

Botanical latin tree names aside, it was really great to see so many other families doing as we were doing. And though I simply cannot help it, the trees that surrounded me were so very majestic.

Of note possibly, the last park/ gardens I did note here were that of Cahir Bridge Garden way back in August 2013. It’s not that I have been to no other places, more I guess I did not take the time to note them. Something maybe that I need to rectify.

In the meantime, go get a cuppa. Pick a random tree. Sit beneath it. Read poetry to your mother in law a loved one. Giggle often. Dirty the arse of your Sunday best trousers. And enjoy. These were and are just some of my favourites.

Further info on The Phoenix Park:


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