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Peter Donegan Landscaping – 8 Different Back Gardens

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The following are a selection of private back gardens that I made over the last year or so. There’s no apparent reason why I chose the following 8 gardens, apart from the fact that they all are quite different in their finish, their budget and also what they were before I got to them.

After 14 years creating gardens as Donegan Landscaping, naturally, I have seen just a few more than that and the following might just get you thinking in the right direction.

There’s a link below each pic if you want to read a bit more about them and see some before and afters.

Re the pic below; of course I don’t go making gardens in my Sunday best. But the day that one was taken by my mate John was a grand day and St Stephens Green behind me always looks superb. Even in autumn. As a good gardens should. Anyhow for now…

Enjoy. Peter x

peter donegan


1. Small Contemporary Garden. Meath, Ireland

small garden landscaping ireland

You really have to see the before images for this one to get a proper taster of just what was achieved in this space. On my way back to see this one this week. As small spaces go. This is pretty genius.

2. Back Garden Makeover. Dublin, Ireland

donegan landscaping, dublin (3)

This one kind of speaks for itself. A bit fancy dan, some may say, but that, very much softened by the choice of planting. And here, one would be nothing without the other.

3. Back Garden Makeover. South County Dublin

peter donegan garden

Again it’s the before and after that make this one. As it was, pre my getting there a big green boring bland mass of your average back garden of grass.

4. New Garden. South Dublin

landscape gardens dublin (2)

This was a new build house and a new build garden to match, in every single way you can think of. Love watching the transformation and knowing I can see it in my mind.

5. Raised Garden. Split Level. Wicklow, Ireland

two level garden

This was a bit of a mad one in terms of the build, but it’s a real stunner. One pic per garden is tough. This one needed two. Different levels, make for very interesting gardens.

split level garden


6. Family Garden. Malahide, Co. Dublin

family back garden, dublin

From a pile of builders soil to a young family garden in just one week. You have no idea the transformation. It’ll take a season or two to come into its own. And that’s allowed. In the meantime, it’s got a built in trampoline.

6. Back Garden, Co. Meath

landscaping dublin

This was but another lawned area. Now complete with slick natural paving, raised beds, fine choice plants, no so obvious mirrors and lighting.

8. Dublin City. Contemporary Garden

peter donegan, gardens

A new build renovation and a new garden in Dublin City Centre. I love the fact that the planting was brought in quite mature for instant effect.

peter donegan gardens

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