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In Ground Trampoline, Dublin

in ground trampoline, dublin  (4)

Of note: This was installed as part of an overall landscaping project in Dublin. It is not a service I provide as a one off. It may however help explain how to and why should you wish to try to do it yourself.

Continuing on….. This isn’t the first time I’ve sunken a trampoline. And though this version may not be not as technically difficult as the previous sunken trampoline version, it still involves construction.

Of note in this case, this Berg variation has a 1 person/ 110kg limit.

berg champion trampoline-001

I did watch, albeit slightly 1980’s looking, Berg Toys video of how to install, repeatedly. Repeatedly and still cannot figure out how – with weight beight forced down upon 8 steel supports, should the soil be even slightly damp [ noté bene: Ireland] how the frame could but not force itself downwards upon the edges of the ground beneath. It simply does dont make logic sense. And that before one considers soil movement within the actual pit.

That aside and as previously noted there is only one way to do this and that is the right way. And anything else, from experience and figuring it out on my etch-a-sketch is quite simply being half arsed about it, if you’ll pardon my Irish.

Of note also: This was also part of an overall landscaping project in Dublin just in case you may be wondering how the lawn greened up so quickly.

1. Lay Out The Base

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This is the bit you do not want to get wrong. The Berg Champion Trampoline frame joins together in parts, so ensure that it is connected properly. A circle being of perfect 360 degree diameter, there should be no movement over the circumference/ diameter.

Of note also some say, again, you do not need to use a concrete or block base. And that the suggestion is that one just dig the hole and pop in the frame. As discussed with the previous larger sunken trampoline, be that on your own head.

2. Ensure Your Base Measurements are Correct

in ground trampoline, dublin  (3)

Again the measure twice rule comes into play and here I did choose to cover in the base with a sand/ gravel and cement mix. In short think soil erosion as versus a hardened base that gets no traffic.

3. Connect The Frame to The Base

in ground trampoline, dublin  (2)

As you can gather a rolled lawn went in as part of the overall project. Back to the trampoline, I chose to connect the steel base to the concrete blocks with steel fixings, once the blocks had set.

4. Attach The Trampoline Springs and Matt

Almost there, the springs are connected opposites first so as the tension is eased onto the frame. After that all that is left to do is to cover with the padded outer….. and go have a good bounce on it.
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