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Family Back Garden. Malahide, Co Dublin

family back garden, dublin

I have always thought of gardens in two ways.

The first: When you go to a place in Ireland like Inis Mór. Nothing wrong with it at all, but it’s not really a Dublin City Centre with too much to do type spot, if you get me. And though you come away knowing you it is the place where fairy tales are made, in reality we and you both know you saw very little outside of Joe Watty’s pub and your accommodation. In short, it is the people that make the island so fantastically beautiful.

Two. Like the film The Mask, the one with Jim Carey in it. And what you realise is that good-hearted genuine happy people tend to be genuinely happy. And that, irrespective of where is always a great place to be.


This garden was before I started a big pile of pants. The soil was pants. It sat in the middle of a building site and had done since November. It had potential but, when [wo]man must remove bad before it can introduce the good, the cash register is already ringing and there it little to be show by way of above surface end result. That said, there is no point in spending well above ground when what is below pretty much sucks.

patio laying, dublin

In the pre works department, a mini digger was brought in, excess existing (sub) soil removed and better soil was introduced.

By way of hard landscaping a solid base to the shed was made, a stunning choice by way of a black limestone patio, steppings fitted to the shed, a rotary washing line also with steppings and the correct infrastructure for a built-in trampoline.

Then came the pretty bits of just over 300 sq metres of rolled lawn and some planting. A brand new shed, the trampoline itself and even the washing line (if I’m very honest) seem to add to the feel. And though the planting is a little on the young side and somewhat herbaceous, I just can’t wait to see this place in a few months.

in ground trampoline, dublin  (1)

My only regret in this garden is that I never had a good go on the trampoline. On a slight side note, I’ll cover that in a separate post when I get a minute.

As noted at the start and it being the people who make a place, here a space has changed from a pile of pants to a young garden and more now, to a space and a place called home. Roll on the summer time.

family garden, malahide

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Update: July 24 2014

this came in from Jerry [Dad /garden owner] via the comment section below.

love making gardens for very lovely people.  big smile. on my face 😀

peter donegan, landscaping malahide

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