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Temple Street, Inis Mor Half Marathon 2014

peter donegan, kevin rowe, inis mor, temple street

Saturday just gone myself and a host of others crossed the half marathon finish line on the wonderful island of Inis Mór all for the good folks of Temple Street Childrens Hospital.

I’ll leave the reasons why Temple Street is so close to my heart to one side for now. I will note however that I could not have chose better company to complete the 13.5 miles with than that of Nick McGivney [pictured below] and Kevin Rowe [above].

nick mcgivney, peter donegan, inis mor

To those who gave me your hard earned sheckles and your words of support, many many thanks. Of note and as always the people of the most beautiful island I have ever been to, you were fantastic.

The Mahoosive thank you list:

Links of note:

Whilst on the Inis Mor, I recorded this interview with The Sodshow.

There’s also this of our 9 minute plane journey across. In just 7 seconds.

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