Dublin Landscaping: Natural Sandstone and Granite Cobble Patio

sandstone granite patio (2)

I’ve always said that there’s a big difference between owning a lovely house and having a lovely home. In the context of this patio it was so perfectly well thought out that it’s addition to the rear of the house very simply extended that homely feel by another 15 square metres.

Measuring 3 by 5, it is large enough to cater for a full on Donegan sized family gathering (I have 7 siblings) without looking like just another big patio area of stone. What’s more, and though it is kind of hard to put into words…. in this case it very simply, fits.

What makes it for me [?],

is the clients wish that the end result would look like it had been there for some time yet also stand out as being new. She also wanted something just that little bit different, a touch of class and a twist in the norm, if you will.

sandstone granite patio, building

The natural stone is absolutely gorgeous. It’s also not the cheapest by any means. But then sometimes you do that John Travolta walk to that Bee Gees vinyl and you know you look damn good doing it. And it feels damn good. And in gardens sometimes you either get that or you don’t.

Of note, the patio was pointed by hand which very much added to the overall feel. The old timbers around the perimeter are lovely to sit on and have a mugga; again think the aged look. The new bit [?], that very simply comes from the aco drain channels. And though they could have gone in in matt black, in this case I like the shiny effect.

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