Karcher Ireland. Power Washer Hose Replacement

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Before reading this, please note:

I do not sell Karcher products or repair them. In short, I make gardens.  Karcher did not give me kit to try out for them. I simply had one of them days, plural, where it would have been easier to deliver a baby rhino instead of trying to figure out how to get my power washer back to work.

I also thought that this might just help some other brother [or sister] out.

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x Peter

What happened ?

My power hose, a Karcher 5.85 was loaned out [I know….] and returned to me with a broken handle. I went to B and Q, Swords and bought a replacement hose and handle kit. Although it says it fits the 5 range. It did not fit. The reason being the hose ends that fit into the gun are a different fit. Karcher came out with a new (better ?) one, pictured below left. Right is the older model that I own.

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On a mild side note:

Eventually, I found that Karcher had a main dealer shop in Dublin. It’s pictured below to make finding it easier. Of note, the Karcher Ireland website is terrible and even worse in mobile. That said, the staff there are very lovely. I went there.

  • Address: Kärcher Ltd. (Ireland), Unit 4 EP Mooney Business Park, Walkinstown Avenue, Dublin 12
  • Tel: +353 1 409 7777

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They have everything thing that is Karcher available there and at about 30 euro, we found the replacement gun handle to fit.

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When I got it home. I clipped the new handle in and turned on the power washer. The hose immediately sprung around 5 pin hole leaks. I have no reason why that is. But in pressure washer terms, that’s a lot of pressure lost. And very wet clothing.

I rang Karcher at the number above. John explained that an engineer to look at it was euro 125 starting and a new hose is around 45 euro. So I took it apart myself. Hindsight in mind, it’s actually pretty easy. The video below explains how to do so.

Of note, again: The staff at Karcher Dublin are very fantastic. Also this post is not about me being a pain in tusche, more solving a problem with the best end result.

Update March 19th : replacement hose cost is 90 euro ex VAT. They were not in stock and one is on order for me. Still power(hose)less.

Update April 2nd : notified via facebook that it was in stock. Replacement hose purchased and fitted. Also handle fitted. And both tested. Took a while but, problem solved. 😉

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