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Landscaping: Small Contemporary Garden Makeover

small garden landscaping ireland

There are two main factors that make any garden really something to be really proud of. And though it does play a role, if you are thinking that it’s the budget then I’m afraid you are somewhat mistaken.

The main culprits are in fact one really cool client [I hate that word…] and an end result that is an interpretation photsynthetically speaking, so to speak, of what the client actually wants.


Of note here: old decking and paving out, levels raised below ground level; surface drainage introduced; new patio and pebble in, brand spanking new composts, new timber, walls built; smooth finished plastered walls and planters – note no concrete block lines after painting, some coats of paint and a quite select choice of hand selected plants.

Apologies for my often pretty brutal video skills below. Thank God I chose to study horticulture.

Dilemma’s [? not really] along this garden journey [in my head] may define themselves as such: a clients wish of a contemporary garden and ‘that’ feel good feeling to be created [NB: not a problem] in an outdoor shape that hardly qualifies as a Pythagorean theorem never mind the four right angles that come as standard with almost every garden known to [wo]man kind, but not here.


NB: image below – plant in the left hand corner to show distance.

The thing that I love about this garden, is that the journey even before I started making it excited me. And though I’ve said it before, I love that I can and could see the end result garden at all times in my mind. A little like knowing what wedding dress you really want and then after having that exact dress made for you, it fits, just like the glass slipper of fairytale… If you get me. Do you get me ?

A garden design style rarely used [properly] in this country, maybe what I really loved was the challenge to make it look like it had been been part of the home for some time, yet extremely well maintained. More impressive than that however is when the client [I hate that word…] smiles.

small garden, landscaping ireland

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