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Temple Street Half Marathon 2014

peter donegan, temple street half marathon 2014

We all have our reasons in life for doing things and without getting into my reasons, this year hopefully will be my 4th year to run, sprint, crawl complete the half marathon on Inis Mór for Temple Street Childrens University Hospital.

Chatting this morning, the suggestion was that I could have opted out, that I’m busy with work and that haven’t I done it for the last 3 years. But there’s also the argument for my being lucky [is that even the right word to use ?], that a bit perspective in a world gone mad isn’t such a bad thing and a very strong case for doing something to give a little back.

That in mind, I’m not too sure as yet what I’m going to do to raise the few bob but this possibly isn’t the worst place to start.

For those with a business, who’d like a return for their few quid – I know I would – I’m open to suggestions. There is a blog here, a garden radio show [also Ireland’s Best Podcast 2012 and 2013] and there’s a happy gardener who has no hassle working with you to give you something in return for your hard earned few quid.

If you’ve no few quids, give it a RT, a pimping, a re-shout out or just wish my bones the best of luck crossing the finish line. It’s all good. Happy days and thanks for being fantastic.

x Peter

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